Julien Blanc: The End Of Pickup Artists

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  1. James, I did not know who this person was, so at first I was speechless. Then, recovered:-)) Young males flocking to follow someone who teaches them how to abuse others, and young females flocking to accept that behavior–smacks of sadomasochism– very, very unhealthy mental and physical behavior. What’s happened in our culture that our youth flocks to this? For those who think it’s cool, maybe applying it to child rearing techniques will get their attention –most people today can recognize child abuse and why it is damaging. Perhaps those who seek techniques to abuse others, or those who seek to receive abuse, didn’t learn healthy patterns of behaviors in their families? Somehow this all seems inter-related. Maybe this is a wake-up call for parents to put down their i-pads and start teaching healthy interaction in the home, from a very early age. Youths and young adults with healthy self-esteems don’t seek these destructive patterns of behavior.

  2. I always feel conflicted in discussions of the pick up artist community because my experience with it seems to be so vastly different from what men like Julien present. My life was changed forever in high school when I discovered the book “Double Your Dating” by PUA David DeAngelo. It was the first time I had ever been exposed to the science behind sexual attraction and romance and understanding that attraction is not a conscious choice people make was a mind blowing revelation for me. My experience with the PUA community beginning with David’s books was never about demeaning or objectifying women. The PUA community as I experienced it as about accepting this reality that “attraction is not a choice”, understanding what qualities women generally find attractive while acknowledging they are still individuals, and learning how to express those attractive qualities through my individual personality and building confidence through self-improvement (so called “inner game”). It was also about learning how to read the signs of interest (or disinterest) that women give off and how to become physically intimate in a comfortable way, though that’s less relevant to this article.

    I must say I’m glad it was David DeAngelo’s book that I was first exposed to and not the misogynistic messages of men like Julien, otherwise I’d be very different man that what I am today!!

    1. Mark,
      I too started my journey of understanding women with David DeAngelo’s (DD’s) Double your dating book. I would not classify him as a PUA because he clearly states that using what he teaches to hurt women; physically, mentally, or emotionally; he wishes the worst kind of punishment on you. Unlike how some PUA’s teach going after a women’s insecurities get to laid. I am not going to lie, the PUA way does work, but for me it is unfulfilling, and just plain mean. And most WOMEN can see right through that garbage, while GIRLS like it. There is a difference between women and girls in what I am saying. Women are complete mentally, and emotionally and girls are not. I am not referring to an age thing just to be clear.

      I have purchased quite a bit of DD’s stuff and it has helped me tremendously in becoming the man I am today. Not just how I interact with women but with everyone that I come into contact with. Which has lead me to this blog and many others that are similar. I agree with everything else you have said though, if I had found the book The Game or a PUA’s material first, I would be a lot different than I am now. And I love who I have become, and where I am headed.

  3. Julien is a hated PUA by most PUA’s But he is pushing the edge of social cues to better help his client’s… Someone has to be the test dummy for extremely hot women (like playboy hot)… Anyways He gives most PUA a bad bad bad name and honestly I don’t blame other PUA’s for hating on him but…. No women has come forward and said Julien has assaulted me and he has slept with over 150 women in his lifetime… Most PUA love women, but can’t seem to keep a long lasting relationship, however, that’s most men in general and not just PUA’S.

    I personally hate Julien’s child like style of “game” but it works for what he want’s !!! At the end of the day he isn’t looking for something serious but YOU can’t butch a sub culture like pick up into one guy… that’s like saying all American’s are fat and lazy, or all Jock’s are dumb, ect… most PUA’s like myself just want to meet the women he is ment to be with and not settle for a girl that want’s him to gain something out of it !

  4. Yet, if a woman generated a following among the same lines of “treat guys like trash and they’ll come running”, she’d be universally loved. No matter what a guy does, he’s already got two strikes against him in this feminazi, misandric, man-hating, new world order. You’re just tilting at windmills, James.

    Sarcastic, resigned sigh…

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