8 Things Guys Secretly Love

Do you ever wish that guys would just OPEN UP more? It’s difficult to figure out what someone wants or enjoys if they won’t tell you! No matter how simple their desires may be, if you don’t know what they want, it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. But, have no fear! I’ve compiled a […]

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8 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do

Sometimes, building a solid healthy relationship isn’t just about what partners do, but what they don’t do. Here are 8 things that you won’t find in the habits of happy couples. Happy couples never discourage each other. Two people who love and care for each other would never attempt to discourage their partner or hold […]

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7 Reasons Good Guys Finish First

To say “nice guys finish last” is to display a fundamental misunderstanding of what a “nice guy” is or what “finishing last” means. If you mean that a good guy finishes last because he always puts his woman first, then you are correct. But the reality is, it’s not the nice guy who finishes last, […]

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