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The real reason ‘pickup artists’ ultimately failed, and what men should do instead

I still talk to people these days who were never aware of the huge pickup artist movement that existed about 10 years ago. Allow me to give you a very brief history: A few guys out of Los Angeles developed a system designed to help men (any kind of many from any walk of life)…

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Getting girls vs. Keeping a woman.

A real man with depth and integrity will go out on the weekends to pick up girls be able to get, and hold the attention of an established, respectable woman with class. When it comes to ‘getting girls’ whether it be for a brief fling or a one night stand, you can be successful off of…

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How to approach a woman without getting slapped (Nightlife edition).

If you’re out in a loud bar, club, or lounge – it’s often difficult to start or carry on a decent conversation. This, mixed with alcohol, typically results in a guy’s primate instincts taking over and resorting to physical communication. The problem is, so many of them suck at it. There is no foolproof formula…

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