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If Happiness is Your Goal, You’ve Got the Wrong Goal

Ah, the pursuit of happiness. Life, liberty, and all that. This may be a bit controversial, but hear me out. Finding or creating happiness should not actually be your ultimate goal in life. “But James, why?!” Well, I’m glad you asked. You don’t need to hear this from me or anyone else because you’ve experienced…

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5 things men are never taught about women (but should be)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the abhorrent out-in-the-open groping of Ariana Grande at Aretha Franklin’s funeral by this bishop: You can find the video if you’re so inclined, but to say it’s uncomfortable is an understatement. The entire time you’ll just sit there asking yourself: What in the blue hell…

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The real reason most people are unhappy in their lives

I have always been fascinated by psychology. For the past decade I have taken classes on the subject, had thousands of conversations with people (literally) about their relationships and what makes them tick, read as many books as I could find, and even wrote a book on finding love within yourself. In more recent years…

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