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Have you spent so much time establishing yourself professionally that you’ve finally looked around and wondered why you’ve neglected your personal and dating life? Do you have the desire to better understand the opposite sex and be respected by men and women? To be comfortable and confident in your own skin? Are these things you’ve always wanted – yet have never known how to obtain?

Do you want to bridge the gap between the life you’re living, and the life you know you can live?

I have spent the past 10 years of my life focusing on and learning about personal development. Etiquette. Confidence. Health. Fitness. Success. Dating. Style. Sex.

Over time, I have become nationally recognized author and speaker on the topics of dating, relationships, and self development. My work has been read over 50 million times across the globe and I am frequently featured in local and national media outlets – and now, I coach men and women all over the world to help them become their best selves.

Private coaching is your opportunity to work closely with me to discuss and overcome the challenges you are facing in your personal and dating life.

Click here to book a call and discuss how we can work together if you want to:

– Work to define your identity: Who are you as an individual, and who do you want to be?

– Set goals and develop measurable action steps to achieve them.

– Develop better communication skills (verbal and non-verbal).

– Learn to ‘work a room’ at any event or gathering.

– Clearly identify what you want versus what you actually need.

– Work on inner-dialogue and how you speak to the most important person: Yourself. 

– Discuss real, actionable tips and strategies that can get you meeting more people and developing social skills, immediately.

– Live a happier, more fulfilling life, regardless of your relationship status!

– Enjoy access to a private closed Facebook group where James will answer questions regularly, and do live Q&A’s.

– Receive a free copy of James’ book, Unlocking Love: 10 Keys to Finding The Love of Your Life (Even If It’s You).

– Much, much more.

After your call is booked, you’ll be directed to a short questionnaire that will help determine if we are a fit to work together. Please take a moment to answer it truthfully.

Note: James is not a licensed therapist or psychologist, the opinions expressed on these calls are a culmination of diverse life experiences and nearly a decade of self-education.


“James has helped me so much in so little time, from how I feel about myself to improving my communication with other people and in particular women. His insights so far have helped me feel more relaxed and enthusiastic about life where it relates to myself and other people. His concepts are easy to understand and putting them into practice has been a joy! Highly recommended!” – Nick M.


I first reached to James for consulting way back in the spring of 2009. We met up in the city and sat down to go over all the areas of my life that I had wanted to get handled. James helped me eliminate a vast majority of them and in the years since those problem areas have yet to return. It’s amazing how much fear and worry throughout most of my life were turned into self-confidence and assertiveness. I walked away no longer afraid of what people thought, or what my critics had to say. I learned how to define and project myself. I have a few close friends who I used to complain about my sticking points prior to James. I feel to this day they are still shocked and find it hard to believe that I no longer have had them since meeting up with James. It’s important to be a re-assured person. – Mark A.


“James was absolutely wonderful to work with! He is easy to talk to, genuine, and honest. He has first hand experience to offer which I found to be quite helpful. I elected to work with James to improve myself and my dating life. I was pretty confident I knew what I needed to work but wanted needed a sounding board to either confirm I was on the right path and taking the right actions or challenge me to take a different perspective. I would encourage anyone seeking to improve themselves or their dating life to set up time with James.” – Mehgan B.


“I recently started working with James, and I have to say I was completely blown away by his level of insight and his ability to get to the bottom of the issues and limitations that have prevented me from achieving my goals. He listened and within a few minutes was able to pick out the small and the big pieces of the puzzle to help guide towards creating a life I am happy and proud to live and also to go outside of my comfort zone in the way I relate to men within relationships. He had some really practical suggestions of ways I could shift my mindset to have better results. I took down notes from our conversation and I go back to them every day to come up with new goals and make adjustments to my old goals in order to make them a reality. I would blindly recommend James’s coaching to anyone looking to find a relationship, improve the one they already have or build a fulfilling life back up from scratch after a divorce or breakup. Thanks a ton James! You have a life long fan in me.”

– Gina B.


Since my first time speaking with James (September 2017) I felt the sincerity in his voice and genuine care in understanding my “guy” dilemma.  Like any other middle-aged, independent and successful, career-oriented female, I have various insecurities that I now know I can discuss with James and knowing he is not judging me have been the icing on the cake, per se.  James’s advice has been instrumental in my current dating relationship. He literally has helped me translate my guy’s words, actions and texts which has allowed for a “fight/argument free six months.  James has taught me to understand my guy’s actions/body language and to pay attention to what my guy says and not look for “in between the lines” dialogue that I tend to bring in when I over analyze his words, action or lack thereof.  James has been my light at the end of this “dating” tunnel that has been such a nightmare for me and many of my single friends.  Thank you, James.

– Sussan M.

But wait, who even are you?

James Michael Sama is widely referred to as America’s leading relationship blogger. With over 37 million pageviews just on his website alone, James has become a “go-to” expert on dating with outlets such as, The New York Post, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, CNBC, and more. Additionally, his YouTube videos have been viewed over one million times. James has extensive on-camera and live event speaking experience, both on and off teleprompter.
James has accumulated over 400,000 collective highly engaged social media followers on his verified pages (FacebookTwitterInstagram), and his new book, “Unlocking Love: 10 Keys to Finding The Love of Your Life (Even If It’s You)”, reached the top 100 in Love & Romance on Amazon in just two days. Countless personal testimonials of relationship success, and daily comments from hundreds of readers, reinforce James’ standing as one of the world’s premiere dating and relationship personalities.