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5 Life Skills Modern Men Need to Bring Back

What happened to the concept of ‘being a man’? I think we tiptoe around the room of political correctness so much these days that we are afraid to say that anyone ‘should’ be or do anything specific, because it may make someone else feel left out. My personal belief is that we can all live…

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The Untapped Potential of The Good Man

Since the dawn of man, there has always been the epic battle of good and evil told in stories through the generations. Men who fight for power – heroes and villains, angels and demons. Figures we use to represent the flawed nature of humanity that sways in one of the two directions – moral or…

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5 Ways to Become Bulletproof to Heartbreak

One of the (if not THE) most prominent reasons I hear from people about why they’ve stopped dating, or approach it with brutal skepticism, is that they have been hurt so much in the past that they simply do not trust people anymore – or trust that finding happiness is even a possibility. The problem…

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