True Love Is Real: Meet The Couple Who Reunited After 62 Years Apart

So, you think that stories of epic, lifelong romance are reserved for novels or movies? Think again.

This couple, Cynthia and Howard, first met over 60 years ago. Today, after all that time apart, they sit side by side on Martha’s Vineyard as husband and wife. The course of events that brought them together again is not only the very definition of true love, but it is an inspiration to all of us that men who are loving and romantic to their very core are still out there, and so are the women who appreciate them. Cynthia was used to having groups of men tease her when she was younger. The one man who actually held her attention? Howard, the gentleman.

Proof that the concepts we discuss on this website, while rare and difficult to find in our generation, are still very real in the world we live in.

Howard and Cynthia’s relationship is much like what you would expect to find in a movie. Messages in a secret code only the two of them understand, flights across the country to each other at 90 years old (She is 82 and he is 92), a fresh flower next to the bed every single morning. We can all learn a thing or two about romance from this man.

Below is the Fox Boston story that originally aired on October 1st, 2014. Do yourself a favor and take the few minutes to share in their happiness with them.


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