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Drawing The Line: When Is Harassment Actually Harassment?

I’m sure many of you have seen this interesting video, as it has generated over five million YouTube views in a single day and is climbing fast. Before I get into the topic at hand, I have made it very clear in past aticles that I am against street harassment and men really need to pull…

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The Real Reason Women Are Becoming More Unapproachable

There is sort of an unspoken secret among all men that we are all aware of, and have always been aware of since the moment we became old enough to recognize our interest in women. It is something that is not frequently spoken about and therefore women do not usually have the same innate understanding…

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True Love Is Real: Meet The Couple Who Reunited After 62 Years Apart

So, you think that stories of epic, lifelong romance are reserved for novels or movies? Think again. This couple, Cynthia and Howard, first met over 60 years ago. Today, after all that time apart, they sit side by side on Martha’s Vineyard as husband and wife. The course of events that brought them together again is…

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