8 Everyday Romantic Gestures She Will Love


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When people think of being romantic, they usually think of the iconic John Cusack boombox scene in ‘Say Anything’ or Ryan Gosling being effortlessly charming in The Notebook. And while grand romantic gestures are great and have their place, the every day hustle and bustle of life doesn’t always open itself up to handing us these opportunities.

Sure, movie romance is fantastic, but when it comes to ‘real life’ romance, it is usually the smaller things that mean the most. Here are a few ideas to keep her smiling.



Bring her lunch at work.

Things can get stressful during the day and it is sometimes a hassle to go out and get lunch at work. To put in the thought and effort to actually surprise the woman in your life with her favorite order from her favorite restaurant will not only make her day, it will show her that you care enough to pay attention to what she enjoys and actually go out of your way to bring it to her – especially if her favorite place is too far for her to normally get to during a lunch break.

Do that thing she wants to do.

Whether it is watching a TV show she enjoys, going to see the musical you’re not really into, or trying that new restaurant with the cuisine you don’t really care for – do it anyway (and have a good attitude about it). Relationships are about compromise, which means at times we do things we wouldn’t normally do in order to make the person we care about happy. She will appreciate your effort and enjoy the experience even more because she gets to share it with you.

Set up something nice for her to enjoy. Without you.

Get her an appointment for a spa day. Run a bath for her right before she gets home from work. Whatever it is, the idea here is to allow her to enjoy quiet solitude and relax. To let go of the stresses of life, and to have some alone time that she may not often get.

Take her car in for that oil change it needs.

Or, do it yourself. Or find a mobile service to go to her office and do it. Or if she doesn’t need one, get her car detailed. While plenty of women out there love their cars (and we love those women too), cars are stereo-typically more of a ‘guy thing’ and she may not pay as much attention to hers as you do to yours. Save her the time, trouble, and a few bucks by giving her a nice surprise like this.


Get (or make) her coffee in the morning – exactly how she likes it.

Whether she makes her coffee at home or gets it from the coffee shop nearby, knowing exactly how she likes it and getting/making it for her in the morning every now and then will start her day off with a smile that came directly from you. Obviously, this one is easiest if you actually live together or spend nights at each other’s places.

Do the dishes.

Simple, basic, seemingly un-romantic – but still something that most guys don’t take the initiative to do. For that reason, it is romantic.

Slip a hand-written note into her gym bag. 

Or leave one on her car when she’s at work. Or leave it in her place if you won’t be there for a few days. Something to make her smile when you are not around. Plus, when was the last time anyone got a hand written note?

Make her feel beautiful (every day).

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that it’s a rare occasion for a woman to be complimented in her relationship.

What? Why?

Every guy in a relationship should take the time every day to let his woman know how beautiful he thinks she is. Put in the effort to notice small details or changes that she has made in her appearance. It will make her feel appreciated and valued.



Romance is not something that should be reserved for the ‘honeymoon phase’ of a relationship. It should grow and enhance over time as your teammate becomes a bigger part of your life.

Taking the time and putting in the effort to do these small, seemingly everyday tasks, is what real chivalry and romance is all about. Never let it fade.


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  1. Joe Hannibal on October 1, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    I’ll add one…”Learn to hug her.”

    Too many romantic gestures involve a quest for sex or deeper meaning; this is why so many of them get misinterpreted. Take a moment and hug your lady…for no better reason than you get to put arms around the woman who brings you the most joy. If you cultivate this as a habit, both you and your lady will benefit.

    My partner and I hug every chance we get…neither of us expect it to lead anywhere or “mean” anything, we just do it because it is safe and easy and it lets us both know we still care. We wake up with a hug. We greet each other with a hug. When one of us has to go to work, we part with a hug. It is nice to know that if the impersonal cruelties of life erase either her or me from this world ahead of schedule, the last thing we did before parting was to embrace and say “I love you”.

    By our habits we express our morals. If you want your partner to know that you love them, show them that in small ways consistently…on a long enough timeline, they’ll get it.

  2. Dk on October 24, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    Reblogged this on The Best Self By D.K and commented:
    I’m not one who really thinks of doing romantic stuff, it just happens naturally if the person on the receiving end deserves it, but this gives a good idea of what you could be doing that your lady would love.

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