6 Qualities Men Really Want In A Woman


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One of the great things about having friends who are nationally recognized dating coaches and public speakers is that I often come across concepts and themes they discuss that I myself agree with and can also learn from. One of the people whom this frequently happens with is my friend Adam LoDolce from SexyConfidence.com.


In preparation for a six week online dating course Adam is putting together, he recently did this video of six qualities men really want in a woman, which I agree with and would like to share with you. Below the video is a written (but less detailed and entertaining) list of these qualities, since I know some of you prefer text over video.


1. Men want a woman who makes us feel manly and masculine.

Mature men see women as equals. We see them as teammates in the workplace and all areas of life, including relationships. The thing to remember though is that a man’s pride often comes from being able to provide for and take care of the woman in his life, even if she does not need him to do so.

Whether it is something as small as opening a door or lifting a heavy object for you, we want to do it even if you can do it for yourself. This is how we show you we care, and we love to be with a woman who reinforces this within us. Her feminine energy is the equal piece of the puzzle that fits into our masculine energy, and makes the relationship whole.

2. Men want a woman who is fun and playful.

It is no surprise that women love men with a great sense of humor, but it also goes both ways. When a woman is fun and playful and matches a man’s wit and humor, it will not only keep him challenged (in a good way) but it will also keep him attracted.

A couple who laughs together stays together.

3. Men want a woman who passionately loves her own life.

The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. If that one is not healthy, none of your others will be. The first step to being one half of a happy couple is to first being one whole of yourself.

When you are happy, driven, and fulfilled (or at least on the path towards it), it will attract a man with the same qualities. You don’t need someone to complete you, just someone who will accept you completely.

4. Men want a woman who is confident in her appearance.

Physical attraction is a largely important part of a relationship, but there is a reason that men are attracted to confident women. Actually, there are many reasons, most of which go below the surface. But one of them is that her confidence shows that she is attracted to herself, so to speak. She is comfortable in her own skin and displays it accordingly.

No, this does not mean to have an attitude or make it clear that you know you are beautiful – confidence is a turn-on, but arrogance is a turn-off. Comfortable confidence is much different than loud arrogance.

5. Men want a woman who is honest and trustworthy.

Being open and honest with anyone, man or woman, requires a certain level of vulnerability – which can be scary at times. But it is a hurdle we all have to jump if we expect to build a real emotional connection with someone. This depth that is required to cultivate a solid lasting relationship can only be reached with a starting point of complete honesty.

6. Men want a woman who knows how to communicate her needs.

Men are typically the ones who get a bad wrap for not being able to communicate our needs, but the truth is since men and women often communicate differently, this can easily go both ways.

As men, we want to make you happy. We want to make you smile and feel good about yourself. But we often need you to tell us how. Being able to do this is a great quality in a woman that men desire because it allows us to be better boyfriends for you.

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