Getting girls vs. Keeping a woman.

A real man with depth and integrity will go out on the weekends to pick up girls be able to get, and hold the attention of an established, respectable woman with class.


When it comes to ‘getting girls’ whether it be for a brief fling or a one night stand, you can be successful off of a few surface qualities many guys possess. Are you good looking? Do you drive a nice car? Do you have a nice place? Dress well?

Then, my friend, the odds are you hold a distinct advantage to the rest of the boys drifting aimlessly around the dating pool with their floaties on.

However, a self respecting woman who is looking to be appreciated will be able to see through your shenanigans and demand more for herself before she decides to commit to someone, and rightfully so.

Let’s be honest with ourselves gentlemen. Women hold the power when it comes to dating. We are typically the ones pursuing them or asking them out, meaning our success solely relies on whether they say “yes or “no.”


For this reason, we have to expect them to be pursued and hit on, constantly. And for that reason, we have to be dedicated to always improving and becoming the best version of ourselves.

The key is to continue to work on yourself, while remaining the same person that she fell for in the first place. If you successfully do this, you won’t lose her.

But remember – it’s not all about you. The same effort you have to be willing to put into yourself, you need to be willing to put into supporting her and her goals and dreams as well. You need to be her best friend and support system, as well as her lover.

Be better than one night stands.

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