An Open Letter to the Guy Kicking His Wife Out for Not Having Sex

Dear man of the internet who searched for “Wife won’t have sex so kicking her ass out” and arrived at this website


5 Easy Ways To Be Better With Women

Regardless of how confident a man is or how successful he is in every other area of his life, it is entirely possible that he is reduced to a quivering pre-pubescent boy when it comes to one scenario: Women. I don’t think we ever really lose the sweaty-palms feeling before approaching or having a great conversation with…

8 Things Gentlemen Do Differently

When writing about the topics of being what could be considered in modern society a “gentleman” or a “lady,” I am often surprised by the backlash. Whether it is being called a sexist for actually recognizing the biological and behavioral differences between men and women, or those who feel personally insulted that they may not…