How to compliment a woman and not get ignored


In the age of social media, women are flooded with compliments on a daily basis. It’s difficult to stand out among a flood of the “ayo mami you iz lookin fyne lemme getcho numba” below nearly every photo on Facebook. But, there is a (simple) way.

Unfortunately, the words “hot,” “sexy,” and “beautiful” have been nearly destroyed, and terribly watered down, by these slobbering dogs. And honestly, it comes across a little try-hard, creepy, and lame when you use them – especially if you don’t know the girl.

Yelling out a car window at her never works, and neither does this.

Side note: Who in their right minds calls someone they’ve never met “baby”? Stop that right now.

You’ve got to be creative and original. Be the one guy who comments on the photo of her fully clothed and skip over the bikini pics. Mention her style or a small detail in her outfit that nobody would notice, instead of “omg you’ve got beautiful eyes.” Pay attention to her interests and spark up a discussion about things she is passionate about.

And most of all – don’t make it sound like you’re hitting on her. She’s a normal person just like you. Say hello, be funny, be casual, and wait it out before you offer to get together. Genuine patience and interest will rise you above the Facebook Romeos.


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