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5 Unspoken Promises You Make When Entering a Relationship

Only enter into a relationship if you can give someone these five things.

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5 Ways to Become Bulletproof to Heartbreak

One of the (if not THE) most prominent reasons I hear from people about why they’ve stopped dating, or approach it with brutal skepticism, is that they have been hurt so much in the past that they simply do not trust people anymore – or trust that finding happiness is even a possibility. The problem…

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5 Years In The Making: My First Book Is LIVE

A Letter To Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Unappreciated

Someone’s inability to see your worth doesn’t make you any less valuable.

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An Open Letter to the Guy Kicking His Wife Out for Not Having Sex

Dear man of the internet who searched for “Wife won’t have sex so kicking her ass out” and arrived at this website

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I Gave Up Everything to Chase my Dreams, and You Should, Too

  What did you want to be when you were a kid? How did you envision your life unfolding? Maybe you wanted to be an astronaut, or a firefighter, or a professional wrestler or…whatever. Me? I wanted to be a race car driver, and an actor. A-la Patrick Dempsey. But alas, there is only one…

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8 Pieces of Advice for Anyone Starting a Blog

In the digital age, every single one of us has the opportunity to reach millions of people with our ideas. Here’s how to do it.

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Your Biggest Strength: Belief in Yourself

Each of us is unique. We all have different personalities, skill sets, interests, passions, and views on the world. Despite our differences, though, I think one of the few things that each and every single one of us has in common, is at some point(s) in our lives, we run into a situation that makes us…

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To Live A Better Life, Focus On Better Things

Have you ever heard a news report about someone driving along a desolate, deserted road but somehow ending up crashing into the only tree or telephone pole in sight? How do they manage that? We notice these things when we really start to pay attention in life. I mean put in the effort to become truly…

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8 Things You Think Your Girlfriend Likes (But She Probably Hates)

My bet is that more than one man reading this can relate to a scenario where he did everything he thought was ‘right’ to get or keep a woman’s attention, but ultimately he ended up frustrated and confused after pushing her away. While, needless to say, every man and woman in the world is different,…

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