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How to compliment a woman and not get ignored

In the age of social media, women are flooded with compliments on a daily basis. It’s difficult to stand out among a flood of the “ayo mami you iz lookin fyne lemme getcho numba” below nearly every photo on Facebook. But, there is a (simple) way. Unfortunately, the words “hot,” “sexy,” and “beautiful” have been…

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First date basics: Do’s and Don’ts

I know some of these will probably be painfully simple – but you’d be surprised how often they go overlooked. You had what it takes to score yourself a first date, now make sure you do what it takes for a second one. As crazy as some of this might sound, some of this blog…

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Does Social Media give us a voice…or take it away?

This is an issue I’ve been torn over for awhile. I, like many others, take full advantage of (attempting to) build a large network where we can create relationships, interactions, connections, and spread our ideas and opinions. For the first time in human history, any member of the developed world with access to the internet…

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Is technology making us…dumber?

Technology is a wonderful thing. I am addicted to social media and my smartphone might as well be surgically attached to my hand. I am in no way bashing the advancement of technology in society, in fact, I find it fascinating how far we have come in such little time. But (there’s always a but),…

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