5 Years In The Making: My First Book Is LIVE

For over half a decade, my mission has been to bring back romance and dignity to dating and relationships. To make the experience fun, enjoyable, and meaningful for both people involved. Dating does not have to be a chore.

If you have been following along, you’ve seen over 700 articles appear on this website, which have been read over 37 million times. In addition to that, they have been translated into a wide variety of languages and republished all over the world.

Finally, I’ve decided to take the step and write a book, which is officially available to order.


In this book, I join you on your journey of self-love, and ‘filling up your cup’ so you can effectively bring your newfound confidence to the world, and use it to create a happier, more fulfilling life – regardless of your relationship status.

I have been humbled by your ongoing support for the past 5+ years, and hope to have the honor of serving you with this book, as well.

Click here to order your copy now.

Be sure to leave a review on Amazon to let me know what you think. That you so much!


12 thoughts on “5 Years In The Making: My First Book Is LIVE

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. 🙂 Right now the book is only available on Amazon at the link in this article, but if it ends up in physical locations, I will let you know!

      Looking forward to hearing what you think!

      – James

  1. Well done Mr. Sama I applaud you and everything you have done up to this point. Thanks goes to you for helping me on my single journey and learning more about me to now my married journey almost 3 years in jan. You are a phenomenal Man and friend in my head. Best of luck in your future and I will be purchasing if and when there is a hard cover and recommending to others. 😊

  2. Written by a man , who isn’t married ? I will read your book.
    I have been researching this topic for 4 years.
    And married for 33 years.

    1. Fantastic! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

      I’m not sure what marriage has to do with it, as the book is about self-worth and discovering how to live a happy life regardless of your relationship status. It’s reflective of my own personal journey and based on my opinions. It really has nothing to do with marriage.

      Looking forward to your feedback!

      – James

  3. Ordered the book . As I live in Autralia it will be a while until I can give it a review.
    You have already given me information about the book,as
    you are not married , or in a committed relationship.
    Regards Rob

    1. Thanks Rob! Actually, I never said I wasn’t in a committed relationship – I am. I’m just not married.

      What I said was, the book is not about marriage, it’s about finding love within yourself and improving your own self confidence.

      Hope you enjoy!

      – James

  4. This is such an amazing accomplishment! I’m adding this book to my list of Christmas gifts! I can’t wait to read it. If the book is anything like your site, it will be amazing!

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