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The Untapped Potential of The Good Man

Since the dawn of man, there has always been the epic battle of good and evil told in stories through the generations. Men who fight for power – heroes and villains, angels and demons. Figures we use to represent the flawed nature of humanity that sways in one of the two directions – moral or…

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The Biggest Thing Holding the Average Person Back When it Comes to Dating

Only click this if you want the honest truth about why you’re not meeting more people.

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12 Undeniable Reasons You Should Be Excited To Be Alive

If you don’t wake up every morning with a passion that burns like 1,000 suns, here’s why you damn well should.

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How To Stop Being Controlled By Your Emotions

You can choose to live a happier life the moment you realize you have the power to do so.

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5 Ways to Become Bulletproof to Heartbreak

One of the (if not THE) most prominent reasons I hear from people about why they’ve stopped dating, or approach it with brutal skepticism, is that they have been hurt so much in the past that they simply do not trust people anymore – or trust that finding happiness is even a possibility. The problem…

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5 Years In The Making: My First Book Is LIVE

If She Doesn’t Respect You, She’ll Never Date You

There are an endless amount of factors that dictate whether or not two people want to date each other, and as someone who writes and speaks on relationships from a male perspective, I have a variety of conversations on a daily basis that enlighten me further on what makes a man desirable. Sure, attraction is…

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You’ll Never Be Happy With Someone Until You’re Happy Alone

The internet (and this website)…is home to countless articles, videos, and quotes about being in a happy relationship. Not settling for less than you deserve. Texts to send a guy to make him fall in love with you. Questions to ask women that’ll get them talking to you. Blah, blah, blah. Like much of our…

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The Secret to Living Your Life to The Fullest

It’s a quiet Sunday morning, I’ve come up to my parents’ house to visit for the weekend. Logan, our 4-legged family member, is sleeping on my shoulder. His faint snoring is the only other discernible sound outside of the country music in my headphones (I’m just as surprised as you that I listen to country).…

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Your Biggest Strength: Belief in Yourself

Each of us is unique. We all have different personalities, skill sets, interests, passions, and views on the world. Despite our differences, though, I think one of the few things that each and every single one of us has in common, is at some point(s) in our lives, we run into a situation that makes us…

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