3 Small Words That Will Revolutionize Your Dating Life

Are you tired of “Hey, wanna hang out?” texts passing off as date invitations?

Are you tired of guys just not putting in any effort anymore?

Are you tired of not feeling like a priority?

These 3 small words will revolutionize your dating life.


24 thoughts on “3 Small Words That Will Revolutionize Your Dating Life

    1. Sorry to hear that – 3 videos out of 653 total posts (a written article went up yesterday too…) and you are ‘done.’ Can’t make everyone happy. Thanks for reading up until this point though!

      – James

      1. Some people (mostly single women) are never ever ever happy.
        I speak for myself with regards to your emails and posts, which are incredibly informative from a males perspective.
        And with a classic approach which has timeless appeal.

      2. James, love the articles and your attitude. I’ve been a fan & reader for 2 years now but the videos, not so much. Your hands and arms are flying all over the place, I can’t concentrate on what you are saying! Very distracting and it’s a reminder to me of what not to do when public speaking.

  1. Awesome stuff…
    You are always on point Michael,thank you!
    Ps.Lovin the videos by the way, now I know it’s really you speaking 🙂

  2. Where have you been all of my life? Lol – your mom should be very proud. She raised a smart man. Thank you for such great articles/videos. I’m constantly forwarding them to certain friends who haven’t yet learned the secret of how things will change once they raise the bar. Have a great holiday weekend! Michelle

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  3. Thank you, I am in a ‘relationship’ a very loose term and its well not what I want. I do not hear from him in a way I would like and most nights he even fails to text good night. I am at odds with myself if I should message him as we have not contacted each other today, but it would not be my character to ignore him. But then he is ignoring me???? I must raise my standards, its scary but you are so right, I deserve to be treated well and with love and kindness… Thank you

  4. Thank you so much James for another incredible video of the truth. By the way, I really like the videos!

  5. Very important message absolutely enjoyed it as well as your articles !!! Keep them coming 🙂

  6. Always a pleasure to read your articles and now see you speak what so many people need to hear. You are a master at getting the message across. Keep them coming!

  7. A still voice of calm in a tacky tinder world. You are so right, Valuing yourself is the first step to being valued by others. And I liked this video, the audience connect (eye contact mostly) was better than the previous ones. Your voice is great.

  8. Hi James. I liked your video so much “3 Small Words”, that I passed it on to my youngest daughter. I totally agree that this is the way to “weed out”, if you will; men who are not seriously looking for a one on one quality relationship. When a woman has more respect for herself, she will attract a man who will happily respect her. Why? Because he wants to see her happy, and seeing her happy, makes him
    happy! Happiness is contagious! 🙂 Thank you for this video! Have a great 4th of July weekend!

  9. Great video! Do you have any tips for women to gracefully raise their standards? Specifically, what could a woman “text back” with when a guy asks her to “hang out?”

    1. I’d like to know this answer too. Maybe jokes like, “let me see if my secretary can find room in my schedule…nope, all booked until next Friday.” What do you think?

  10. The first three words that came to mind were, “I deserve better,” which is close enough to the point that you were making, especially when guys think a simple text of Facebook message is enough to win women over. I enjoy your no-nonsense POVs and the fact that these are also applicable in teaching our young men how to bring high value back into relationships. For sure I am sharing what you’re teaching to my teenage son, so he can learn to discern what he needs to develop to form relationships of good value.

    Thank you.

  11. In my forty years of dating and marriage, I can say that James has a nice theory, but in practice it isn’t worth squat. Ninety percent of the women don’t come close to my bar (which isn’t really all that high). It’s pretty hard to find that ten percent and of those maybe only another ten percent can go the distance. So yes princesses, raise your standards — and stay home every night! Or continue with the losers (you call “friends”, which are really all you deserve.

  12. Just wondering what you all think about Date-onomics by Jon Birger. His argument is that women have lowered their standards because of a natural numbers phenomenon; there are more college-educated women than men, so women compete to get attention and guys are overwhelmed by options and get to be players if they want. Anybody think this is true or are there flaws in the argument? Even if it’s true, I still think it’s worth keeping your standard of respect and consideration even if it means you stay single for a long time / forever. I’d rather be happy and single than unhappily dating!

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