8 Acts Of Chivalry To Bring Back

The more women I talk to, the more I realize that the gentleman is a rare breed. The mission of the New Chivalry Movement is to bring men (and women) together who strive to be the best versions of themselves and love and respect those around them.

As the gentleman has become less prominent, so have the respectful acts that define him.

Here are 8 acts of chivalry we often overlook and should work to bring back.


Giving up your seat.

Whether on a bus or on a crowded subway, giving up your seat to another is a rare but great sign of respect. I always cringe a bit when I see a woman, elderly person, or anyone else worthy of respect – forced to stand while young men remain distracted by their phones. It all comes down to being aware of your surroundings and acting accordingly.

Only one in seven men will offer their seat to a woman on a train or bus.

Pulling out a woman’s chair.

This one, as many others, is simple but rare. You don’t have to run around to your date’s side of the table to make sure you pull out her chair each time, but when convenient, it’s a nice extra touch.

Less than one in five men will regularly pull out a chair for a woman to sit down. That’s under 20%.

Open doors for her.

I have countless articles with this point already in them, but it’s one of the staples of chivalrous respect and probably the easiest to perform, as we all walk through doors every day. I don’t want to make any assumptions, but something tells me the extra few seconds it takes to open a door or let someone walk through first won’t ruin your day.

The same goes for car doors, a woman will appreciate you getting out of the car to open the door for her, or walking around to her side first, when you’re picking her up. It’s amazing to me how many men don’t do this.

Call, don’t text a date invite.

Just the fact that you would take the time to actually call a woman to ask her out on a date will put you lightyears ahead of your competition (of which there is a lot). Plus, you’ll be able to tell how excited or enthusiastic she is (or isn’t) about accepting your offer by actually hearing her voice.


Compliments, compliments, compliments.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that it’s a rare occasion for a woman to be complimented in her relationship?

What? Why?

Every guy in a relationship should take the time every day to let his woman know how beautiful he thinks she is.

Walking on the street side of the sidewalk.

The purpose of this lost art is to show your willingness to be splashed instead of a woman should a passing car run through a puddle. Furthermore, in some countries people would throw trash out of windows, and the person walking closer to the building, was less likely to be hit.

It’s an effortless way to show her that you care.

Walking her to her door.

At the end of your date, especially early on in the relationship, walk her safely to her door. This is especially important if she lives in a city. It shows you’re willing to put effort into protecting her and makes her feel safe – two important aspects of building her trust and comfort.


Parking far away? Drop her off first.

If you’re having a hard time finding a parking space close to her destination, offer to drop her off at the door while you go and look for a spot. She may be fine with walking the distance, but it’s a nice gesture to save her the effort, especially if she’s wearing heels.

As gentlemen in modern times, you automatically stand out from the crowd. These points above are easy and free, but one would be surprised how rarely they actually occur. For those of us who naturally make it part of our daily lives, it’s difficult to picture how someone else couldn’t. But – it happens.

The new era of chivalry is not rooted in the chauvinistic mindset of the past. We have evolved past performing these acts for women because “they can’t do it themselves.”

The new gentleman performs these acts for the right reasons – love, caring, and respect.

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1,562 thoughts on “8 Acts Of Chivalry To Bring Back

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  3. I don’t wanna start World War III. Let’s just all be friends and agree to disagree with me, kay? :)

    When a guy is courteous to a woman, we call it chivalry. When a woman is courteous to a guy, we call it common courtesy. Nobody said that supporting chivalry meant you couldn’t go the other way round. It just has a different name.
    If a guy opens the door for a the woman behind him, it’s chivalry. If a guy offers his seat to a lady on the train, it’s chivalry.
    If a lady offers her seat to a gentleman on a train, it’s common courtesy. If a lady holds the door for the man behind her, it’s common courtesy.
    I live in a rural place and have never ridden on public transportation, but I do hold doors, smile, say please and thank you, and try to be a lady to people- gentleman and other ladies alike. I can count the number of times a man has held the door for me- like actually held it, not stopped in the door and kept it half open with two fingers while looking over his shoulder- on one hand. I can count the number of times a woman has held the door for me with half of one hand.
    I would feel special and appreciated if a man pulled out my chair for me. No one has ever done it, but it might be novel if someone would give it a try someday. On the other hand, I doubt severely that any of the guys I know would feel appreciated if I pulled their chair our for them (unless there’s a reason, I mean, women feel special when you do it for no real reason. If a guy was hurt or tired or whatever, I’m sure he would appreciate it very much).
    No one said women were supposed to not be nice to men. But it’s just a different name is all. Yeah, many guys don’t act the gentleman anymore, but I think there’s even less women who act the lady.
    For every girl who smiles genuinely and thanks you for holding the door, there’s another who wants to kick you where it counts and set you on fire. You take your life into your hands, being chivalrous to a lady, sometimes, but I think it’s worth it. I know some guys give me really odd looks when I hold doors open and allow them to enter first. I just smile an pretend it’s normal.
    You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Whatever. I’d like to think I’m a lady, and I hope there are a few gentleman left.
    For the record, a gentleman is also supposed to be gentlemanly to other gentleman too. Just…. not by bringing up the car or sharing an umbrella. Just like ladies are supposed to be nice to other ladies. Let’s just all be nice. How about that?

    • I always do my best to open a door for a lady. What’s frustrating is not being given the chance. When together, I always offer to drive. I open the car door, let her get in then close it and go to the driver’s side. At a restaurant it is just appropriate to pull out the chair. The true art is sliding it back underneath her when she adjusts. Make plans, let her order first. Stand up when she excuses herself, stand up when she returns. Walk her to her destination, offer her your coat if it’s cold. Southern tradition.

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  7. Dumb. Chivalry is dead and women killed it. Want me to open your door? Then put your damn phone away. Want me to pull out your chair? Then don’t ask me how much money I make a year. Want me to walk on the street side? Then wipe that smug look off your face and be a lady.

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  10. This is so good! Exactly what I’ve been searching for! As a lady in this strange world in which we live, it gives me hope to find that there still are true gentlemen out there. As it may be, I think that if men would begin treating women like ladies again, then ladies would be surprised and want to give something in return. Like…RESPECT! All the women I’ve encountered haven’t really wanted to “be in charge”. If they search deep in their heart, they want a man to be able to tell them what to do. I don’t mean roughly, more like with a gentle but firm manner. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but you cannot demand respect and expect it to be given readily and willingly. Chivalry is paralleled with this: you cannot demand a man to be chivalrous, yet act as masculine as he is. It doesn’t work. Please bring chivalry back.

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  15. If a strange woman can expect me to open a door for her (with no such obligation on her part to open my door) then is it okay if I expect her to carry a lint brush and freshen my clothes? Women cleaning clothes for men is just a nice way of old fashioned ladies to show respect the same as opening the door.

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