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7 Subtle Signs Of Interest That You Might Be Missing

Not every guy directly tells you how he feels, but if you pay attention to small details, he just might be showing you. “I just need him to tell me how much he likes me,” recently said a female coaching client of mine. “Well, what are some of the things he does for you?” I…

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The ONE question you need to ask yourself after every date

Dating, among other things, has become exponentially complicated over the years. Understandably so, as life in general has gotten more complicated. Instead of love letters and trips to the diner for milkshakes as your primary mode of communication, we’ve got Instagram DMs, Facebook messenger, texts, tweets, WhatsApp, dating apps, and the like… Easier communication also…

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7 brutal truths about why you’re not attracting good men

There are multiple forms of this quote attributed to multiple sources, but the most poignant one goes like this: “The truth will set you free, but first, it will piss you off.” When you look for dating advice online, you have two choices: Find advice that makes you comfortable. Find advice that gives you the…

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5 Behaviors You Need to Stop Accepting from Men

Have you ever looked back at a relationship and the way he treated you, only to shake your head or wonder how in the world you possibly accepted such treatment? Or, maybe you’ve listened to a friend tell you about their experiences and you can’t bring yourself to fathom why they put up with it…

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“Does he like me?” 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

In the digital era where interactions are fleeting, romance has become heart emojis, and ‘ghosting’ has become a common way to end a relationship (just disappearing without saying anything), it is understandable that dating has become more of a Rubix Cube than ever before. So, then, how can you possibly tell if a guy is…

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