Your 7 Point Cheat Sheet For Becoming Unstoppable (While Stuck At Home)


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Whether a new challenge in life is either a hardship or an opportunity completely depends on how you choose to look at it.

For the first time I can remember, the way of life of every living human on earth has been altered.

The coronavirus has affected all of us in one way or another, whether it be schools and restaurants closing, sports leagues being shut down, stock markets crashing, job positions going remote, or even being fully quarantined.

There is good news, though. These trying times do not have to be wasted. In fact, this can be the most productive phase of your life if you so choose. Here are some ways to pull it off:

1. Start eating healthier.

Being at home means you have no excuse for grabbing that donut or sugar-loaded coffee in the middle of the day. While supermarkets may be a challenging place right now, many still have vegetables and protein-rich foods you can cook at home.

This is a great time to learn new recipes, cut out crap from your diet, and choose healthier fuels to feed your body.

2. Learn your face off.

Just as important as proper fuel for your body, is proper fuel for your mind. Running around at work all day doesn’t exactly provide you with the proper time to sit and read (or listen) to a book, gain new knowledge, or dive into a new podcast.

Even if you’re still working, now you’ve got extra time that would normally be spent commuting (and being stressed out) that can be put towards more productive measures.

I am *not affiliated* with any of the following links, but they are great resources:

Here’s a bonus: There are 450 Ivy League courses at this link, for absolutely free:

Looking for an amazing podcast that interviews some of the world’s most successful people and teaches you how to live an optimal life? Start with Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu.

Want to read books but don’t have the patience? Download Audible and listen to audiobooks to your ears’ content.

3. Three Words: Body weight workout.

Many gyms are closed, too. Which really sucks for those of us who try to stay active, particularly if we are otherwise sedentary (says the writer).

This is a great opportunity to hop online or hire a virtual trainer and set up an in-home routine. Sure, the odds are you don’t have a full blown gym in your home, but there are a lot of effective exercises that can be done right in your living room.

And if you do have a gym at home, there are really no more excuses.

4. Build a personal brand.

Now, more than ever, the importance of a strong personal brand is being thrust upon us. While some people are fortunate enough to work from home and still get paid, many aren’t.

If this pandemic teaches us anything, it’s how quickly life can change and how we all must be prepared with a plan B, C, D, and E.

Everyone has a valuable talent, skill, or set of knowledge. Utilize your time at home to figure out how to monetize your unique offerings and bring them to the marketplace. Set up a simple website to sell your crafts, practice photography with your smartphone, spend time engaging with others on Instagram in order to build your audience, and then market the hell out of yourself.

Not sure where to begin? See point #2.

5. Work on your passion project.

What is it that you’ve been putting off because you didn’t have the time? Let’s not give “travel” as an answer to this one. Think about the time you usually spend commuting or in meetings about meetings, and then convert that time into result-producing activities.

6. Reconnect with loved ones.

Everyone is online, because nobody can leave the house. What friend have you lost touch with? Which family member(s) do you need to mend ties with? Which insta-famous model’s DMs have you been waiting to slide into?

Take some extra time to build deeper relationships. Just because we’re not physically together doesn’t mean we can’t use this time to bond.

7. Practice gratitude and mindfulness.

When things seem to be falling apart around us, we must take a breath and reflect on all that is good. Friends, family, relationships, opportunities, the fact that you’ve got an internet connection and can read this. Indoor plumbing, running water.

Some of it seems silly, but as we are given a clear lens to parts of the world who are less fortunate, we must take time to understand that all that’s around us is human made and not everyone has access to it.

Focus on setting goals and accomplishing them, staying focused, staying productive, and making progress every day. It’s easy to see stay-at-home time as a mini vacation, but none of us know how long this will last and what the world or economy will look like when it’s over.

The best thing each of us can do during this phase is to become the most optimal version of ourselves in order to prepare for whatever is next.

The habits you build during this time will be ones you take back out into the world. Think of it as an incubation period for greatness. An opportunity to grow and re-emerge stronger. By focusing on mindset, health, and skillset, we can truly become limitless.

How has the coronavirus affected your daily life? Share in the comments below or reach out on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Speaking & Consulting

I originally published this piece on Medium.

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