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Now Is The Time To Turn Your Passion Into Profits

We are in the third week of unemployment claims in the millions, totaling around 16.8 million (reported) jobless claims. Now, more than ever, innovation and creativity will fuel the economy. About four years ago I was laid off. I was working at a small PR firm in Boston managing social media strategy for a variety…

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6 Ways To Keep Improving Your Dating Life While On Lockdown

Just because the world slows down, doesn’t mean your chances of finding love have to. Well, this is a new one. How are you supposed to date when everything is closed and you’re supposed to stay 6 feet away from everyone? I understand your pets are happy that you’re quarantined or locked down, but it…

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How To Keep Small Businesses Alive During Coronavirus Shutdowns

I originally published this piece on Medium. Main Street and privately owned businesses are at the greatest risk when they cannot operate or pay employees. But we can all step up and help. Despite the lavish lifestyles we see from everyone on social media, what sort of financial state are our American friends and relatives actually in?…

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12 Positive Things You Can Focus On To Ease Your Coronavirus Concerns

(I originally published this piece on Medium). Information is important, but information overload can cause unneeded stress and anxiety. With more time than usual to turn on the TV or scroll through social media, many of us are constantly immersed in Coronavirus conversation. Who is or isn’t worried, who’s still going out to bars, and…

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Your 7 Point Cheat Sheet For Becoming Unstoppable (While Stuck At Home)

Whether a new challenge in life is either a hardship or an opportunity completely depends on how you choose to look at it. For the first time I can remember, the way of life of every living human on earth has been altered. The coronavirus has affected all of us in one way or another,…

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10 Key Strategies For Staying Productive While Working At Home

I’ve been working from home for five years, here are some ways I still stay productive. With companies, events, sports leagues, and entire countries shutting down all over the world due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many people are asking themselves a question for the very first time: How the hell do I stay productive if…

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