This is What REALLY Makes a Woman Sexy

Airbrushed models everywhere you turn. Magazines. Social media. Billboards.

We are living in an increasingly visual society pushing the image of what’s “sexy” on to us.

But, what is it that REALLY makes a woman sexy? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


25 thoughts on “This is What REALLY Makes a Woman Sexy

  1. What really makes a woman sexy? Seeing her confident, engaged, moving towards her goals, empathetic and in good humor, all the while knowing that she is loved and valued.

    • ^^ This.

      We live in a world where single women are reading Cosmo and married women are reading “Good housekeeping”, when it should be the opposite.

      We want women who are cooperative, not competitive. Women would do well to realize this.

  2. Kinda miss the written articles. I can’t always load your videos, would love it if you could include transcript after the video. For those of us with tiny data packages 😉

    • I also miss the articles and would appreciate a transcript of the video as well. Some of us are more inclined to reading and can’t load videos so much. Also easier to send in the written form as well. Please have a transcript made too.

  3. Great points there James.

    I’d like to second the request for a transcript. I like to read your articles during my breaks at work. I work in cubicle-land so it’s really hard to watch the videos. A transcript would be fantastic

  4. Ughhh, another video. Please bring back the written articles, or at least a transcript for those of us who don’t have the time, ability or desire to watch videos. I enjoy your posts but I’d rather not waste my time with a video when I could read through an article much faster. I’m done with following the site without written posts, sorry.

    • Renea, the articles before and after this video are both written. Are you not getting notifications for all posts? I’m not quite sure what you mean by “without written posts” when there are nearly 700 of them and about 5 videos.

      Apologies for any inconvenience.

      – James

      • What we mean is that your video’s and what you say in them is not written. So I would rather have what you say on the video written also, and not just a video of this subject.
        In other words if you do do a video please also publish the transcript of that SAME video under the video. Some other blogs do the same as many people are not allowed to watch videos from work and it makes it easier to access the same information if its in two forms.
        some other blogs that have videos also put the transcript of the video right under the video so those who can’t access or who aren’t allowed to can still access the same information as was on the video.
        I think that is what we are getting at.
        For example I would still like to know the information on the video but I cannot watch a video at work and it takes more bandwidth, but I would still like to know what you say in the video so a transcript would be nice to read what you say in the video.

  5. James~

    I love all your articles & videos.
    You are a wonderful man and a great catch for some very lucky woman!
    Wish it were me. 😉

  6. Those are really good points. As I continue to grow as a person, the more I look at someone from the inside out. I think sexy is confidence without arrogance. Sexy is kindness without expecting anything in return. I think respect for others is sexy too.

  7. I find men that are intelligent, funny, demonstrative, chivalrous, passionate, and honest (not necessarily in that order) sexy, and would think a few of the same attributes would make a woman sexy.

  8. Someone, please please say boobs and something less pretentious and artificial.
    You are not sexy, you are SEEN as being sexy, which is another thing.

  9. Ok Dana, Boobs…. Sexy means sexually attractive or appealing so depends on the criteria lass for each person and what they define it as. Big boobs means you should be able to feed babies…. If you pop one out. Evolution sorta influenced what blokes and ladies find sexy for a reason. If we remove the PC ness that seems to prevail to complicate our life’s when something simple needs to be said in perhaps a attention grabbing way your correct. Me a spade is a spade don’t use floury language open to interpretation unless your a politician or you don’t want to answer the Question. The purpose is so humans do have sex and procreate. But humans have evolved and the majority now live beyond year 20 in the first and second world. Some people still want to be like rabbits and don’t care about their offspring, some animals and people do and it means the offspring have a better chance of survival… However with that evolution comes feelings , relationships etc, all that brew ha ha. What do humans have after procreation, relationships, friendships, the feelings and complicated thought etc but I digress … So shake your tail feather if you’ve got one

  10. Which is so weird, because 99% of the diisusscon about football comes in the form of people second-guessing and talking about what they would have done differently or what went wrong.How would this hurt the league? People would stop watching or something? Such a bizarre thought process.

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