There Will Be A Day

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily obligations life hands us. Stress from work or running a business, incessantly checking emails, dealing with traffic, or whatever your life hands you.

This sometimes makes it difficult for us to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Smelling the roses could be literal, or it could mean hugging your family, spending time with your friends, or doing your favorite activity – it means something different to everyone.


The one thing we all have in common though, is that we all need to do it. Because, there will be a day…

There will be a day when some of the people you know, will be the people you used to know, so enjoy their presence.

There will be a day when you wake up and all of the problems which seem to be destroying your life now, will feel like they just happened once in a dream – so always remember you will move past it, whatever you’re going through.

There will be a day when you’ll no longer have the opportunity to tell someone you love them, so do it now.

There will be a day when you’re no longer physically able to do the things that you enjoy, so don’t put them off. “Someday” is not a day of the week.

There will be a day when you may need someone’s help, so don’t burn your bridges.

There will be a day when someone needs your help, so make sure they know you’re there for them.

There will be a day when you wish you had talked to that beautiful girl in the bookstore, so go for it.

There will be a day when you wonder if the ‘nice guy’ might have made an amazing husband, so give him a chance.


There will be a day when you wish you’d stood up for yourself or someone else, so don’t back down.

There will be a day when that person you haven’t talked to in years is no longer around, so make that call.

There will be a day when you realize that the people you thought were always judging you were too caught up in their own lives to care, so don’t worry about them.

There will be a day when you feel like you’ve been living the life you’re “supposed to” instead of the one you wanted to, so follow your heart.

These days might come tomorrow, next week, or in 30 years from now. There is no way to predict what happens in life or how fast things can change, but one thing is for certain: There will be a day when you can live your life to the absolute fullest and pursue the things you love…

And that day is today. You just have to choose it.

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6 thoughts on “There Will Be A Day

  1. Yes, totally agree just when you are pulling your hair out with the kids, they pass on to another phase and we do the same as we have to adjust to the next chapter. So true to take the time and to check in with the ones you love and let them know how special they are to you. It fills two hearts instead of one.

  2. Truth talkin’ … Today is the tomorrow over which someone experienced apprehension or anxiety, and today soon will become the yesterday which that person cannot relive or redo. James reminds us to live each day meaningfully — such meaning is different for each person.

    Thank you for your wise, expressive words and uplift.

  3. I’m a bit teary eyed while reading this. Time is moving so fast and we also act now and go with the flow. Love those that really matter for we never know when it’s over.

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