View James Michael Sama’s Shorty Award Campaign Video!

Hey all! As you have probably seen by now floating around on social media, I am honored to be nominated for a Shorty Award for the second year in a row!

I feel that this is an important award for this blog to be recognized for, because the value of these messages and articles being recognized is not just a reflection on me – but also a reflection on all of you who help to spread the word and in turn, pledge to raise your standards and recognize your own self worth. The mission of this website is not to enhance my own personal brand, but to empower all of you to become the best versions of yourselves.

For this reason, I am pushing to get as many nominations as I can. I have put together a short campaign video below that I would love for you to take a moment to check out and let me know your thoughts on. You can click here to nominate me, it’s easy!

Thank you for all of your ongoing support, I appreciate it every day!

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