Playboy Tells You When To Catcall Women [Infographic]

With more and social media awareness on street harassment towards women (including one woman who wore a hidden camera all day to show how much she had to deal with), there is a lot more light being shone on the very real issue of something many men don’t much the time to think about – what it is like to simply exist as a woman in public. We are being given a glimpse into just how uncomfortable it can be for women to do something as simple as just walk down the street.

Now, Playboy has put together a fool-proof guide to whether or not you, as a man, should choose to catcall that woman who is about to walk past you.

Yes, the Playboy has put together an infographic flowchart explaining when it is okay to catcall random women on the street. Hint: It’s probably not what you’d expect.


Regardless of your opinion on Playboy and the content they typically publish, I think we can all get behind their stance on this issue.

No, it is not okay to catcall a random woman in public under any circumstances (unless you have a mutual agreement on doing this playfully, but then she wouldn’t be a “random” woman). Or, I guess if she is an actual feline then it is okay too. But, then she once again wouldn’t be a random woman.

So, there you have it. Add catcalling to the list of things that good men don’t do (as if it wasn’t already obvious). 


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One thought on “Playboy Tells You When To Catcall Women [Infographic]

  1. As a girl who matured very early, (age 12) walking to school became so mortifying that I had anxiety attacks and eventually dropped out. I cannot say enough to the male population how humiliating (something you think is flattering & complimentary) can be to a female. GREAT post.

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