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Drawing The Line: When Is Harassment Actually Harassment?

I’m sure many of you have seen this interesting video, as it has generated over five million YouTube views in a single day and is climbing fast. Before I get into the topic at hand, I have made it very clear in past aticles that I am against street harassment and men really need to pull…

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Why We Need To Keep Chivalry Alive

Look, I know we are not in medieval times. People hear the word ‘chivalry’ and ask me if I want to bring back every chivalric code of battle and weaponry and somehow revert the rest of our societal constructs back to the theocratic dark ages. Well, it would be cool to be knighted… But besides…

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Here’s What Nobody Tells You About Meeting Women

As men in the 21st century, the vast amount of ‘advice’ permeating the interwebs regarding the subject of meeting women is often littered with Pickup-Artistry and similar methods that claim if you just pay the few thousand dollars to spend the weekend with the masters, you will be able to walk into any bar, and…

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The Real Reason Women Are Becoming More Unapproachable

There is sort of an unspoken secret among all men that we are all aware of, and have always been aware of since the moment we became old enough to recognize our interest in women. It is something that is not frequently spoken about and therefore women do not usually have the same innate understanding…

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Playboy Tells You When To Catcall Women [Infographic]

With more and social media awareness on street harassment towards women (including one woman who wore a hidden camera all day to show how much she had to deal with), there is a lot more light being shone on the very real issue of something many men don’t much the time to think about –…

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Role-Reversal: This Video Shows What Happens When Women Cat-Call Men

It’s a long running joke about construction workers cat-calling and yelling at women who are walking along the street. Other equally non-effective bad habits include yelling out of car windows and leaving way-too-forward Facebook comments on photos of women who the man has never met. Of course, both men and women have spoken out about…

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