15 Seconds Of Chivalry [Video]

While it’s great to talk about ways we can improve as individuals and show more kindness and respect to those around us – words are only words. Actually stepping up and performing small acts of kindness or some of these acts of chivalry to bring back is what will really make a difference in the world.

To help encourage others to take action and even help spread the message, I’ve decided to periodically do small, 15 second segments I’ll call “15 Seconds Of Chivalry” and share them on my YouTube channel as well as my Instagram account. If you do choose to upload one, hashtag it with #15SecondsOfChivalry !

The first installment is below!


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4 thoughts on “15 Seconds Of Chivalry [Video]

      1. Let’s make history and get all official…

        “Manners don’t cost anything, but they are worth a lot” – The Grey Knight

  1. Saw this on IG..love Margot’s expression on her face when she has to open the door herself LOL.

    My old Toyota truck had a busted door lock on the passengerside…key wouldnt work in it and i couldnt fix what was wrong inside the door…felt bad having to get in first and reach over to unlock it. After a bit i just left it unlocked 24/7…made my life easier lol

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