The One Thing To Know About Yourself

Each of us are unique. We all have different personalities, skill sets, interests, passions, and views on the world.


But I think one of the few things that each and every single one of us has in common, is at some point(s) in our lives, we run into a situation that makes us say “I don’t know if I can handle this.”

It could be a grueling work or educational program, a serious health issue, the loss of a loved one, or totaling the new car you just bought. It could be anything, but many of us think to ourselves, I have no idea how I’m going to get through this.


What you need to realize is:


Look into your past, have you ever had one of these situations? If you have and you’re reading this right now – you handled it. You got through it, and you should give yourself a pat on the back.

You may be changed. You may be stronger. You may see yourself or the world differently than you did back then – but that’s how we learn and grow to become the people that we are today.


This is perhaps the only universal consolation I know for people who are going through temporary hardships, no matter how difficult – they are temporary.

There is a day that you will look back and know that “I can’t handle it” is an empty statement your mind constructed out of stress. That day might be yesterday, today, or ten years from now, but it will come.

And when it does, use it as a reminder that you can handle anything.


The past is simply a thought arising in the present, it does not physically exist. The future is yet another thought arising. The only reality we truly know, is now. And that means, now is the time you’ve got to worry about. Now is what we have.

Take your life and problems a day at a time. Don’t be overwhelmed by what hasn’t arrived yet, or burdened by what no longer exists.

Live for today.

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2 thoughts on “The One Thing To Know About Yourself

  1. I definitely agree with this! The one lesson that really helped me find happiness and let go of all the worries is to live one day at a time. I used of worry a lot about what the future holds and hold grudges against people who have done me wrong but my father helped me realize that I will never find happiness by living that way. I’m glad I learned that early on in life.

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