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Modern Dating and How to Fix the Aziz Ansari Problem

How do we tell the difference between ill-intent, and awkwardness?

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National Chivalry Tour 2014 – Is Your City On The List?

This is a small aside from the articles I usually post on this blog, but it’s for a good purpose! My girlfriend and I are going on a national tour at the end of April into early May, and we would love to connect with readers and great people along the trip! We are kicking off…

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First Look: The New Cadillac Escalade Is Here (Photos)

On October 7th, 2013, in New York City, the new 2015 Cadillac Escalade was revealed to the world. The Livestream, provided by The Pulse Network, gave a great first hand look of the vehicle. Here is a short promotional video from Cadillac: It’s difficult not to be impressed by the massive grille, and general presence…

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Bikers vs. Range Rover – Who Was Really At Fault?

EDIT: Here is some more footage from the same helmet-cam that was deleted from the rider’s YouTube channel (Prior to Range Rover Incident). There is a video that went viral recently of a motorcycle cruise gone VERY wrong in New York. For those of you who haven’t seen the video, be warned, it is a…

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Breaking News: American Girl Wins Miss America, American People Outraged.

In America, a country less than 300 years old and therefore comprised only of people who have immigrated to it (minus Native Americans), many people are now outraged because a girl whose family immigrated here has been crowned Miss America. Wait…what? There has been some deeply disturbing commentary from the ignoramuses of ‘Merica thanks to…

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A Response To: ‘Confessions Of A Serial Cheater’

A friend linked me to this (borderline ridiculous) article, Confessions of a Serial Cheater, that I was compelled to respond to. Where do I begin? The anonymous (for good reason) storyteller begins by openly discussing his consistent cheating habit. The first (of 10? 15? Maybe 20?) time he cheated on his current fiancee started with…

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