Breaking News: American Girl Wins Miss America, American People Outraged.

In America, a country less than 300 years old and therefore comprised only of people who have immigrated to it (minus Native Americans), many people are now outraged because a girl whose family immigrated here has been crowned Miss America.


There has been some deeply disturbing commentary from the ignoramuses of ‘Merica thanks to social media.

Miss America Twitter backlash


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Nina Davuluri, who grew up in New York and went to college in Michigan – is of Indian descent (Hint: That’s not Arab, and who cares if she were Arab anyway?)

Have these people ever seen a map?

Her country of origin is over 88% Hindu – which has nothing to do with Islam or being Muslim.

Someone should interview the people who are outraged and find out where their family is from – and then tell them they are not American, and see what their reaction is.

Miss America Nina Davuluri

The only thing worse than bigoted racists, are clueless bigoted racists. Misplaced racism is even more ignorant than racism in the first place.

The very thing that makes this country what it is, is that it is diverse and well-rounded. We house members of almost every nationality, ethnicity, and background across the world.

Some people even went as far as to be outraged that Nina was crowned Miss America four days after the anniversary of 9/11. Can someone explain to me what the connection is there?

On a more positive note, Nina plans to use her $50,000 prize money to attend medical school  to become a doctor.

Her father, who came to the US from India 30 years ago, is also a physician.

Here’s some simple math – Nina is less than 30 years old – therefore she was born in the US, and therefore she is AMERICAN.


Nina, those of us who understand simple concepts and reality are standing behind you in congratulations. You deserve the crown, wear it proudly.

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17 thoughts on “Breaking News: American Girl Wins Miss America, American People Outraged.

  1. I was outraged when I read about this, this morning. People can be so cruel and ignorant. People need to stop tearing others down and find a way to just be happy. This is just so sad, but we must stand in support! We can’t let hate be the only thing to speak.

    1. I couldn’t agree more – A lot of sites are responding to the outrage but I felt compelled to put my own article out there. Hopefully some of these people will realize how ridiculous they sound!

      1. No offence to you, I’m sure you’re a great person and a great American, but all the world ever sees of your country is hatred and ignorance.

      2. I can understand that. I hope that this, and other blogs I write, can be a positive voice to the world though, and people would view me as an individual rather than an American grouped with these other un-evolved idiots walking around.

        I can only hope!

      3. To me, anyone that casts “All Americans” to be ignorant, unrefined individuals, are just as bad as the actual ignorant Americans.

  2. The other guy is right I am afraid. When people from America come out with things like this it makes Americans seem stupid.
    This works both ways, I am sure people think “limeys” are stupid too 😉
    As for the girl, I hope she enjoys her prize and her title and doesn’t listen to the bigots!


  3. James, I really hope a lot of people see this post. When Nina was crowned I went on Facebook (I have a lot of friends in the pageant community) and couldn’t believe how many awful comments there were on her picture on the Miss America page. None of my friends, of course! It’s so sad – for Nina to have won Miss America, she HAD to be intelligent, talented, AND of good moral character (it’s in the rules, trust me!) I’d like to see some of the people complaining make it as far as she did.

  4. Reading those tweets makes my tummy feel sick…like I walked in on my grandma in bed with the lawn boy…it’s just so wrong. Once I watched an American show where the wives swapped families and one family was of East Asian descent. The other mom asked (in the politest way possible) “where in China he was from.” The man answered that his parents were from Japan. The other mom (again, politest way possible) responded “I’m not up on China, so excuse me, but where in China is that?” So, I’m not surprised about the lack of geographical knowledge here, which is embarrassing, but I am always in shock of hate, and always will be.

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