5 Reasons Men Should Start Courting Women Again [PODCAST]

Welcome to the second episode of the New Chivalry Movement Podcast! In this episode, we are going to discuss 5 reasons why men should start courting women again. As we know, the concepts of chivalry, courtship, and even just basic general respect, all seem to have fallen by the wayside in today’s dating scene.

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Men Should Start Courting Women Again [PODCAST]

  1. This audio is simply great.

    Selfless is the word to remember for all of us…..

    May this Universe bestows you with a sea of happiness so that you can carry on doing good things in your life as you have ever done.

    Cheers Vishaal.

  2. It’s really great! I love one woman , I met on https://kovla.com We had several dates, but then I found out that she was dating someome else too( I was desperate, and broke up with her! But I didn’t stop thinking about her.. Maybe I should try again….

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