10 Ways To Be Her Real Life Superhero


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When we think about the word “superhero,” we think of costumes, long capes, masks, and superpowers. It’s safe to say that most people, at some point, have wished they could have at least one power from one hero – or maybe to just become that character entirely.

While we can’t fly, be indestructible (yet), or have X-Ray vision, there are plenty of other ways that we, as men, can be a superhero to the woman in our life.


A superhero will reveal his secrets to her.

While Lois Lane knows Clark Kent is superman, and Mary Jane knows who Peter Parker really is, they keep their secrets hidden from others. They have enough trust in their relationship with the special woman in their life to open up to them and let them know the truth.

A healthy relationship will be open and honest between both partners. Secrets only lead to distrust and skepticism.

A superhero is reliable and consistent.

To be a great superhero, she has to know you’ll be there when she needs you. She has to know you’ll be there when you say you will. It could be something as simple as not calling her after work when you said you would. Small things like this might seem like a simple oversight to you, but from her perspective it’s gradually lessening her confidence in you and she’s wondering why she doesn’t feel like a priority in your life.

Always keep your word, like a real superhero would. Even if it means throwing a few cars out of your way to get out of traffic to be on time.

A superhero doesn’t only protect her, but also her reputation.

Any good man, but particularly a superhero, would never let anyone speak negatively of the woman he loves. He will keep he safe when they are together and always make sure she is held in the highest regard when they are not. He does not share intimate details or use her as a conquest for bragging rights.

Their relationship is their relationship, alone. And he will keep it that way.


A superhero will inspire her.

A superhero’s courage, kindness, integrity, and defense of what’s right will inspire everyone around him to do and be better versions of themselves. With so much negativity in the world, we are naturally attracted to those who light the way by being positive and honorable.

Nobody is perfect, and even superheroes have their flaws – but the resolve to live a good life will light the way for those around you.

A superhero protects her physically.

As a former martial arts instructor, I was always taught to use violence only as your very last resort. That being said, I believe a man should be willing and able to protect the woman he loves (even if she can protect herself) should the situation arise. It is an unpredictable world we live in, and we need to be ready for whatever it puts in our path.

A superhero makes her feel safe.

Even if there is no need to physically protect her in conflict, it is important she feels as though you can. To me, one of the best compliments a man can receive from a woman is that she feels safe around him. This is even more important than attraction or your looks, because if she doesn’t feel secure and able to sleep soundly with you, you’re doing something wrong.

While you may not be in danger of a villain knocking down the door, just having you around will make her feel better. It is just as much part of emotional safety as it is physical safety.

A superhero respects her.

A real superhero will treat a woman with the respect that she deserves, never force her to do anything she is uncomfortable with, and never mistreat her. In fact, they’re usually fighting against those who do.



A superhero will be her teammate.

We know that superheroes aren’t just men. Catwoman, Superwoman, Elektra…a superhero will recognize the strength and character of the woman in his life. He will see her as his equal in taking on the world. She is someone who can provide the same support and encouragement to him, as he can to her.

A healthy relationship is built like a puzzle, where we each fit together just right to make the picture whole.

A superhero has a weakness.

This point may not seem to fit in a list full of positive qualities, but it’s all about perspective.

Vulnerability, believe it or not, can be a strength. Like kryptonite to Superman, we all have something that we have difficulty overcoming in life. But, this is what makes us human. This is what allows us to have emotions (which can make us even stronger), and allows her to be a superhero to us sometimes, too.

Women like to be able to take care of us just as we like to be able to take care of them. If we are always stone cold and show no emotion, it will be much harder for her to know how we feel and to build a solid foundation for a relationship with us. To ask for her help or advice is never an admittance of weakness, but a strength to know when it’s needed – don’t shy away from it.

A superhero has a code.

This is what separates the good from the evil. The hero from the villain. The moral from the immoral.

Each superhero has a line they will not cross. It keeps them trustworthy, honest, and in line. If for example, as a man, your code is to never cheat on the woman you love – your very self-identity will be reliant on staying true to that pledge.

Sometimes what a superhero won’t do, is just as important as what he will do.


While every superhero has their own unique past, motivations and characteristics, certain consistencies can be found among them.

Remember, even when it seems like the villain is going to win, even when it seems like he is going to sabotage the superhero or steal the woman away, even when it seems like there is no hope and the fight is lost – the good guy always wins in the end.

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  1. EmilyRachelle on February 20, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    You might want to change that Captain America photo… haha look in the car window behind him to the right. Looks like someone’s had some fun with Photoshop 😉

    • Tina on February 20, 2015 at 10:45 pm

      LMAO I noticed that too & busted out laughing! 😀

  2. ddavis1885 on February 22, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Reblogged this on fit2date.

  3. Ginger on February 23, 2015 at 3:41 pm

    I like the statement about emotional safety and physical safety. It’s very scary to me to open up emotionally. After a difficult divorce and the pain that caused, it’s scary to let myself care for someone again. I had gotten to a point where I was completely happy with myself and being single but with a new love interest, I have to be on guard for maintaining balance… where if he were out of my life, I’d still be OK. It’s hard to break old patterns of becoming dependent on someone for your personal self-worth.

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    I love what you said “A good man will never let anyone speak negatively of the woman he loves” This is the truth

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