How One Boy Used A Simple Act Of Kindness To Change His Life

The common theme of this blog is being chivalrous and romantic. In general, just kind and respectful to others. But it is important that we do not limit our kindness just to people who we are trying to impress or get something from. Being a gentleman is not about getting something in return – I have always said that kindness for the sake of a reward is not really kindness.

Being chivalrous and courteous is also not just something that men do for women. It is a universal language of kindness that knows no boundaries. We should not be kind to others because of who they are, we should be kind to others because of who we are.

In this short video, you will meet Josh. Josh is a student who has been frequently bullied and felt like an outcast from his fellow classmates. Upon moving to another school, he decided to take a different approach to how he would show others the type of person he is. His persistence with one small act of kindness caused students to not only view him differently, but start being kind towards others as well.

This uplifting video shows the importance of not only being courteous in romantic situations, but in all aspects of life. We can all learn a valuable lesson from Josh: Always choose kindness.

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4 thoughts on “How One Boy Used A Simple Act Of Kindness To Change His Life

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  2. What an incredible story. How amazing to think that he just took a simple step, people noticed and he changed the culture in his school and life.

    Tears while reading it…

  3. Thanks I really appreciate all these articles,and I’m encouraged to be a blessing n better person in love.Bless you.

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