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Generation: Disconnected. A Lost Youth in Crisis

We must connect with our youth. Speak to them. Listen to them. Help them understand the progression of life and that things do get better if they’re feeling hopeless.

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How One Boy Used A Simple Act Of Kindness To Change His Life

The common theme of this blog is being chivalrous and romantic. In general, just kind and respectful to others. But it is important that we do not limit our kindness just to people who we are trying to impress or get something from. Being a gentleman is not about getting something in return – I…

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The Miami Dolphins Just Sent A Message To All Bullies

As a former high school athlete, I am no stranger to bullying. I played football, but eventually quit because I had no interest in being around the types of guys who (mostly) played football. I wrestled for three years after leaving martial arts and boxing – but gym class was when I still had to…

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This New Grading Scale Will Make You Wish You Were Back In School

This is the new grading scale at Frayser Achievement in Tennessee, an elementary school as part of the ASD whose sole purpose is to bring the bottom 5% of schools in TN to the top 25%. Well, where to begin? I remember C’s being average, right? A, B, C, D, F. <— There it is,…

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Is technology making us…dumber?

Technology is a wonderful thing. I am addicted to social media and my smartphone might as well be surgically attached to my hand. I am in no way bashing the advancement of technology in society, in fact, I find it fascinating how far we have come in such little time. But (there’s always a but),…

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