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How One Boy Used A Simple Act Of Kindness To Change His Life

The common theme of this blog is being chivalrous and romantic. In general, just kind and respectful to others. But it is important that we do not limit our kindness just to people who we are trying to impress or get something from. Being a gentleman is not about getting something in return – I…

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Advice To My High School Self

Dear…Me, Welcome to high school. There will be some good times, and some not so good times. Just remember though, it’s only for 4 years, and things get a lot better after that. It’s okay that you’re too nice, and girls only want to be your friend. When you get older, these qualities will be…

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Teen Prevents Drunk Driving – Gets Punished For It

You read that right. A North Andover Massachusetts teenager did the right thing by picking up her inebriated friend from a party to drive her home. Erin Cox is now punished for it by being demoted from Captain of her volleyball team and suspended from five games. Update: You can now sign a petition to…

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Why Good Guys Will Finish First

If you’re anything like me, the first couple decades of your life will be filled with both the confidence that you could make the right girl happier than anyone else, and the confusion about why none of them seem to realize it. Through high school, and maybe even some of college, you probably won’t do…

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