7 Ways The Right Relationship Improves Your Life


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A few years ago, I didn’t think much about being in a relationship. Not that I was against the concept, but I was young and a little crazy and doing some work in nightlife, so commitment just wasn’t on my radar. But even then, there was always that hope in the back of my mind that the next person I was introduced to could turn into something real.


Then, it happened. And for almost two years, it was great.

As I have gotten a little older and experienced what comes along with being in a relationship at this age, the more I see the great parts of it that most pop-culture doesn’t seem to acknowledge. People talk about being “held back” or “weighed down” or talking about “settling down” in such a negative way that nobody would want to do it.

But the right relationship with the right person is supposed to enhance your life and your experiences, not complicate them. Here are 7 reasons being in a relationship doesn’t suck at all.

(I know I will get a little backlash from people saying you don’t need a relationship to be happy. Of course you don’t, but you’ll find the points below are designed to eliminate a negative stigma towards commitment or relationships).


You will expand your horizons.

When two different people with two different histories and two different viewpoints come together in a relationship, you can’t help but be exposed to new ideas and experiences. You may not typically be interested in the arts, or a night at the theater, or a day of rock climbing or yoga – but you will likely be much more open to the new experience if the man or woman you loves wants to share their passion with you.



You will always have a cheerleader.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive and motivated through hard times or discouragements. It may be something personal, professional, or both. The great thing about being with the right person for you is that they will be your beacon of light during the darkness. They will support and encourage you along your path, while you do the same for them. They can help brighten your day in ways that you may not be able to do on your own.

Plus, the encouragement you receive from the man or woman you love will have a different feeling than support from a family member or a friend.


Their love will make you more confident.

There is something about knowing that the person you love loves you back – that puts an extra pep in your step. You’ll know you’ve found the right person when their mere presence in your life makes you want to become the best version of yourself that you can, and you will have the confidence to make it happen.


Meaningful sex.

I think one of the reasons many people want to stay single is that they want to have a variety of experiences in their life, especially at a younger age. This is understandable, many of us have been there, myself included. We’ve got to “get it out of our system,” so to speak. Some people, though, have no desire to do this at all.

Either way, we find there is very little fulfillment or satisfaction that comes from physical encounters with people there is no real connection with. Is it fun? Of course. Will it give you what you’re looking for? Probably not.

When you are with one person for an extended period of time, you’re able to enhance your experiences together through learning about each other, their likes, and dislikes. Plus, it helps to strengthen your emotional connection as well.




Someone loves you for you.

When we are single and dating, there is often times a pressure to always be our best self, especially when meeting someone new. Now, of course we always want to be learning, improving, and being our best when we are in a relationship also, but there is a flexibility and freedom to also just be you and know that someone will love and accept it just the same.


You always have someone to talk to.

We all need to vent every once in awhile, even if we don’t like to admit it. Sure, we can talk to friends or family, but opening up to the man or woman you love just feels different, especially when you know they will listen and support you unconditionally. Also, you know they will be honest and set you straight when you need it.


Events and traveling become more exciting. 

Whether it be a company party or a trip to Europe, knowing you get to experience these things with the person you love will immediately enhance the experience in a way that going by yourself or with a platonic friend just…wouldn’t.



The real beauty of a relationship is when you are two separate individuals, but are united as one. You have someone who loves and accepts you as you are today, but also motivates and encourages you to continue improving and becoming your best.

You have a built in support system and teammate in life. We should stop thinking of significant others as a “ball and chain” that drags us down, and start thinking of them as a hot air balloon that brings us to new heights we wouldn’t have seen before.

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  1. Lisa Zeigler on August 10, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    I enjoy all of your posts and feel that your messages will definitely help more men and women in their relationships.

    One question about this post — you said you were in a relationship and it was great for almost 2 years. Is this a prior relationship or the one you have written about recently? I know that you mentioned the woman had cancer so I was wondering if something had happened with the way you mentioned a relationship as if it was in the past.

    Thanks again for your uplifting messages.

    • James Michael Sama on August 10, 2014 at 9:46 pm

      Hi Lisa, thanks for reading and your ongoing support of this site. 🙂

      Yes, unfortunately our relationship ended a little over a month ago. Thankfully her health is fine but this was a decision she made that I, of course, had to respect.

      This change will not change the content on this site, as you can see over the consistency of articles over the past month, just the same. Though, it is a challenging adjustment to face in my personal life.

      Thanks again and I hope all is well with you.

      – James

  2. made58 on August 10, 2014 at 10:00 pm

    Reblogged this on HelpingOthersHelpThemselves.

  3. Pamela Ross on August 11, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    Again, I am so sorry that things ended with you and Margot. On the other hand, I’m very thankful that you chose to continue your website, as it will continue to help me and countless others. I have learned so much from your posts, and I know I will continue to learn and grow by learning from you and others.

  4. leelyput on August 11, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Reblogged this on journey to never-ending and commented:
    When you are with one person for an extended period of time, you’re able to enhance your experiences together through learning about each other, their likes, and dislikes. Plus, it helps to strengthen your emotional connection as well. 🙂

  5. rlcarterrn on August 11, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    Great post, as always! As someone who married her high-school sweetheart at 22 I get so tired of people acting like I missed out on a bunch of experiences in life. I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything worth having. Which is not to say everyone should follow the path I did. Of course not; everyone is different. But I feel like I’ve gained all of the things you’ve listed here & to me those things are worth anything I’ve “missed” from never really experiencing the “single life.”

  6. Robert Long on August 11, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    To be honest men these day’s have become lazy.. 99.99% of men these day’s assume that making love is as follow’s… (Kissing then taking her clothes off. Then putting it in her.. Then when he finishes… He roll’s over and goes to sleep or get’s dressed and leaves) Because those men assume and never question the fact that “Because they finished mean’s the women did too!” so they are done!. Sorry but no… Making love is something that is done over a period of hour’s… First a nice romantic dinner at maybe some place nice then maybe go shoot some pool.. Then maybe a movie. Then back to home and put on a nice movie or music maybe.. Hold each other.. Then when you loose interest of the movie you focus on each other.. Then love making goes as follow’s. “The Correct Way”

    I know this from past experience and when I have a women let’s just say I keep her happy!. I treat women with love respect and like the queen’s they are. I go that extra mile just to see them smile. I will do anything and everything to make sure they are happy. And I know when I find the one she will make me as happy as I make her! =) So on to the how too! =)

    Anyway’s back to making love. I think size does matter to a point.. I think the extra size give’s more friction and contact so it give’s extra pleasure of course. I am pretty well endowed =P. Some of my ex’s it hurt at first like maybe the first 60 second’s or so. And some it would hurt only the first time if we had not done it in a few days lol. But other’s where fine. 3 of my ex’s it was pretty annoying tho.. I was not able to go in all the way.. So that sucked. But I will admit it wasn’t always fun. I really hurt 2 ex’s. I ripped one some and the other her cervix prolapsed while she was finishing and I pulled out and it was pretty scary.. Yikes!. So too big is bad and too small is bad. So I find that slamming into their cervix add’s a lot of pleasure for me and her not to mention her knowing she is completely filled up and stuffed to the max is awesome =P. So I was able to get away with being your normal guy who does not care about women.. But I grew up and noticed that my need’s should not come first. So now it’s heaven. And if you would like to have the title of being called a Love Making God. Then you will follow these instruction’s. You can change thing’s up here and there but that’s your basic run down of how thing’s should go and work for me. I add more stuff in there but I didn’t wanna type a book.. It’s big enough as it is lol. But you get the idea!.

    Start off by giving her a nice and amazing foot rub. And then move to a back rub and neck rub and after she is nice and relaxed and most likely turned on like crazy because you just spent 30 to 60 min’s touching her entire body… You then move to the next step….

    Start out by making out for awhile by kissing and maybe french kissing and just enjoy that for 15 to 30 min’s.. And then start working your way to kissing her neck and nibble her ear’s and kissing the rest of her hand up her arm… Then get the women’s shirt off there.. And then get rid of that bra… Then the man should kiss her body and run his hand’s up and down her body letting her know how hot and sexy and turned on you are by her… And how you love to kiss every last inch of her body.. And keep doing so. Then work on the nip area with tongue and maybe just a little teeth but nothing too hard unless they ask for it. And maybe some suction also while licking =). Then after doing that for a bit.. Start making your way south… And remove those pant’s or short’s or dress.. What ever lol. And then tease her just a little and kiss all over her lower body… then kiss her thigh’s and apply some suction and lick here and there…. Then caress her leg’s and thigh’s and all over.. And kiss her belly and move south… Then use your teeth to pull off those kitty guard’s what ever type she has on =P. Then have her lie on her back. And do your duty by showing her what your tongue can do by licking and inserting and wiggling and side to side action down there and do a range of slow and soft to faster sprint’s and apply some suction and really enjoy it. And tell her how much you love doing this and how great she tastes =). And not to forget to pay attention to her thigh’s every now and then with some kiss’s and some suction and back to kitty… And after about 30 min’s if she has not lost her mind and tried to attack you keep going.. For up to an hour of doing that… Then after she finish’s anywhere from a few time’s up to 50 time’s through the entire hour of tongue magic… Maybe get a toy or two and focus on finger’s and paying attention to her Gspot and focus and make sure you touch and lick and kiss all the right spot’s while licking if you want while using a toy on her and hitting right on that Gspot as long as it take’s until she explode’s and most likely will squirt all over the place like a water cannon (BTW it is not urine.. So don’t mess thing’s up by getting out of control because what just came out is just female you know.. So know that you just did something amazing for her.. And don’t scare her and let her know you loved that you are so turned on! and then after she stop’s squirting and had about 15 in a row from a huge multi one.. She will most likely drive you nut’s but make her wait.. And get her some more of those… And after about 5 to 8 of those huge massive squirting one’s (You will always want to keep some towels around lol (I have a saying.. Until they issue a flood warning on the news I ain’t stopping!). But it’s all good. And make sure she know’s how hot is is when she does it. Because when your women squirt’s she’s just had a super MASSIVE O… A HUGE ONE. And most of the time you can keep it going and turn that one massive O into about 15 to 30 O’s over and over that keep coming in and rolling. Then after that you pay some more attention to kitty and give her some more tongue magic and make her beg for you to get in there =). And then after she is going insane and she finishes and has huge O’s from just touching her or licking her.. Then it’s time to work it.. And the entire time you are doing it she will finish about every 3 to 5 second’s and you will have to fight to keep it in her and get back in but you will get use to it.. And about the time you are about to finish she will have another major one as soon as you are finishing and you will have a huge O together both of you at the same exact time!. And after you both lay there and she is laying next to you with her hair all crazy and just thinking about how she just had her world rocked so good that she will most likely jump you every single night for like ever.. LOL. And after about 2 or 3 hour’s all the way up to 8 hour’s of making love. You keep doing those step’s over and over. Normally by hour 3 depending on if you know what you are doing on not. She’s had at least 15 O’s no less. All the way up to 75 O’s. And if you went for the whole 6 to 8 hour’s. She’s had at least 200 to 300 o’s. And normally if you are able to.. You will get about 3 to 8 in that time. Normally finishing at least once every 30 min’s to 60 min’s. But make sure you focus on your lady. Because trust me.. You will enjoy it as much as she does. So don’t be greedy and worry about her need’s and I assure you she will take care of your need’s! That is a fact!. And then after all that cuddle and hold each other and just relax.. By the time you guy’s relax she might want some more.. Because when you get a women turned on that bad she will keep going until she is out of order from kitty being wrecked! and sore. And the next morning as she waddles to work and around the office she will have a smile the size of the planet earth on her face. So be a man and make love the RIGHT WAY! =)

    So far my record is 10 hour’s with a 10 min break here and there. And total not counting multi O’s. 342 from her alone. Counting multi o’s.. God.. I don’t even know.. I would say on avg maybe 5 to 6 in a row. Not all where multi but most of them where. So yea.. LOL. So if you want to please your lady do everything I said above and I promise you. She will melt in your hand’s like butter!

  7. Murer, Molly B (RC-US E P-S WST RM) on August 13, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    Thanks for your great insight… love these.

    Molly B. Murer | SIEMENS Energy, Inc.| Sales Account Manager | 303.696.5710 (o) | 303.883.0842 (m) | 407.243.0627 (f) | molly.murer@siemens.com

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