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In the spirit of the time of year where we’re all reminded to be thankful for what we have (while also being reminded by the media about all the things we need to buy because we don’t have them) – I think it’s important to stop and see that gratitude should never be seasonal.

Part of the reason it’s easier to be thankful during the holidays is that while life itself doesn’t slow down – typically work commitments do. This allows us to spend more time with loved ones, and be appreciative of what we have.

In any aspect of life, to really recognize and be appreciative, we need to focus on the right things.


If we are always chasing after what we don’t have, we often fail to appreciate what we already do have. Recognizing and appreciating everything around us is the first step towards happiness.

This, in itself, teaches us a lesson. When we are asked what we’re thankful for, the majority of the time we list the people who are close to us – not the things we’ve worked so hard to buy. Perhaps we are thankful for the comfort of a nice home, but home is where the heart is, as they say.

One should not work so hard to make a living, that they miss out on creating a life. Every accomplishment loses its luster if we don’t have the right people to share them with.


What’s the first thing that you want to do when you achieve something great? Tell someone, right? Then, what’s the use in working so hard that you ruin your relationships?

We need to remember who (not what) we’re thankful for, all the time – and make sure they know it.

I am thankful for my amazing family, my amazing girlfriend, her kicking breast cancer’s ass this year, and every single person across the world who reads this message.


I want to know what you’re thankful for – either comment below or find me on social media using the buttons on this page!

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  1. Denise on November 28, 2013 at 10:39 am

    I am thankful for my amazing family friends
    And beautiful daughter and my love !a blessed thanksgiving to all

  2. Miss Bougie on November 28, 2013 at 11:26 am

    I’m thankful for my Parents, wo gave me their love and taught me right from wrong.
    I’m thankful for my Husband who, lovingly, steers me in the right direction.
    I’m thankful for my Son who gave me the joy of raising a boy; and also because he gives me all these cool tips about computers and the internet. 🙂
    I’m thankful for my Daughter who gave me the joy of raising a girl; and also because she is always pushing me and making me question my beliefs and, sometimes, my sanity. 🙂
    And lastly I’m thankful for having stumbled across James Sama and his blog. Thanks for your thoughts; they are very grounding.

  3. Sarah on November 29, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    I am grateful for John who sees past my “warts” into my heart. I am grateful for his patience when I lose mine. I am grateful for his ability to help me focus on what is important, not what I feel. I am grateful for his passion for me, and how he is able to bring me out of my safe shell where I hide from emotions. I am grateful for him understanding how I want to make a difference in this world. And most of all, I am grateful for how he complements and strengthens my love for Jesus.

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