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The Greatest Wealth Is Time With Those We Love

Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to create a life. Priorities shift over the years. The older we get, the more we understand the real value of time and the freedom to spend it with those we love the most. Family, friends, significant others. In the times of Covid, we have…

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

In the spirit of the time of year where we’re all reminded to be thankful for what we have (while also being reminded by the media about all the things we need to buy because we don’t have them) – I think it’s important to stop and see that gratitude should never be seasonal. Part…

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7 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Appreciated

Contrary to popular belief, there are still good men out there. You might even be dating one. He might even follow the 10 Ways To Make Your Girl Feel Special. If he is a true gentleman, he will do all of these things, and more, without expectation of anything in return. Your happiness is his…

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The Importance Of Having The Right People In Your Life

One of the things that makes life so fulfilling, is the people we encounter and build relationships with along the way. Any sort of relationship, from a simple chat with our daily mail carrier – to the first meeting of our future spouse, can give us either a moment or a lifetime of happiness. It…

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