Humanity’s Most Valuable Lesson (Video)

The world can be a mean and nasty place. We have wars, conflicts, discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, you name it.

Seeing and hearing about people harming each other for no reason on a daily basis can wear emotions thin. It makes us wonder about the true nature of humans. Are we inherently good, or inherently bad?

Many argue that there are “no good people left in the world” – but I say that this video proves otherwise.

I believe taking 7 short minutes to watch this compilation of clips from security cameras (some footage is blurry), will restore, or reinforce, your faith in humanity for this reason:

When a complete and total stranger needs help, watch the reaction speed of the people around them to save their lives. Nobody stops to ask what race, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality they are.

They just, help – and that is the true nature of humanity.

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