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5 Times You Shouldn’t Help Her

As humans, we have a natural instinct to be protective of those we love. Whether it be a significant other or a family member. This instinct makes us want to help when we can. To offer guidance or solutions – but sometimes, this isn’t the best course of action to take. As men, we need…

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Humanity’s Most Valuable Lesson (Video)

The world can be a mean and nasty place. We have wars, conflicts, discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, you name it. Seeing and hearing about people harming each other for no reason on a daily basis can wear emotions thin. It makes us wonder about the true nature of humans. Are we inherently good, or…

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Your Chance To Achieve Greatness…Every Day.

The world has always been corrupt. Every organization, society, race, religion, gender, etc. has its good and evil. I think sometimes this mass scale makes it difficult for people to want to extend a helping hand to even just one person because they feel like it won’t make a difference anyway. So, why bother? This…

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