10 Style Essentials Every Man Should Own

When it comes to “essentials” in men’s style, there are many different opinions on the topic. I try to mix together classic details with an edgy, modern style. To make this look happen, there are a few things that should be in your arsenal.



1. A Tie Bar.

Often overlooked, a tie bar is rarely seen, a small accessory, but makes a big difference in pulling together your suit. A lot of times a plain tie will look kind of bland without the extra accent of a silver or gold tie bar. You can find some cool examples of some tie bars here.

2. Cufflinks.

Come on guys! Whatever happened to the class of french cuffs and cufflinks poking out from your suit sleeve? (1/2″ is the proper amount for your sleeve to be showing, by the way – just enough to show off some sharp cufflinks). They don’t have to be big or flashy. Go with what suits you. These are sharp and simple, as are many others here.


3. Blazers.

This one should be a given. People often ask me how many blazers or suit jackets I own because I’m always wearing a different one. To me, it’s an important wardrobe staple and can be utilized in both professional and casual settings. At least one blue, and one black. If you’re into a slim fit, this brand has great unique styles at easily affordable prices. 

4. A Nicely Fitting Pair Of Jeans.

This doesn’t mean your daddy’s light blue Levi’s. A dark, nicely fitting pair of jeans can be versatile for just about anywhere (except for business meetings, usually). A dark wash is much more stylish than lighter, and as with most clothing, it’s all about the fit. Designer jeans can be pricey, so shop around, but with denim you usually get what you pay for. 


5. A Black T-Shirt.

Not white. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing an undershirt when you go out – but the simplicity of a well-fitting black t-shirt is vastly underrated. Women need to see what’s under the suit jacket every once in a while. Something with a subtle pattern can also work. 

6. Black/Brown Dress Shoes.

Honestly guys. It’s embarrassing if you’re going out to a nice place in the city and can’t get in because you’re wearing sneakers. If you’re not going to the gym, have the decency to find something that looks better with your jeans. There’s a big variety out there, find something to fit your style.



7. A Nice Watch.

No matter what you’re wearing, or how dressed up or down you get – few things speak about a man more than his watch choice. You could be in your gym clothes at the grocery store, and the small detail of wearing a nice watch will still feel like you’ve got it all pulled together. There are many to choose from, in all price ranges.

8. A Pocket Square.

This one is really rare. I hardly see other guys wearing these, but I literally have a pocket square in every pocket of every suit jacket, ready to be matched to whatever shirt I’m wearing. If you’re looking to add a small, inexpensive detail that everyone will notice, you’re making the right choice.


9. Decent Shades.

always used to buy cheap sunglasses because I was afraid of losing them, and I always did. I eventually broke down and bought a pair of designer shades in Miami and *knock on wood* still have them. I think when you’ve got something of quality you’ll pay more attention to it – they’re worth having. 

10. Fitted Dress Shirts.

There are few things more essential, and versatile in a man’s wardrobe than some nice, fitted button down shirts. Many are easily converted from a business setting under a suit jacket, to a casual after-work or night-out staple with the sleeves rolled up. It’s easy to find solid colors at any department store, but if you want something a little more out of the ordinary, you’ve got to know where to look.

Of course every guy has a particular style that suits his personality, but as someone with a certain taste in fashion, these are the 10 things I think should be present in every man’s wardrobe.


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21 thoughts on “10 Style Essentials Every Man Should Own

  1. Gotta agree with most, but one thing a man really needs in these days is a solid, good looking and contemporary leather bag for the business and casual needs.

  2. A tie bar is meant to hold a tie in place. It should be hidden underneath the tie, despite the normal person wearing it over the tie, which is usually off center.

    The tie itself should be 100% silk and sturdy with an elegant pattern. Spend the money on a quality tie & tie it with a double Windsor knot for a proper dimple. Just like your clothes, the quality of your tie & if you can tie it properly indicates whether you are a gentleman or a hack wannabe

  3. I agree with everything you say mate, however i must ask for point number 9 and i am wearing spectacles. How do i fit a pair of shades on me?

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