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Happiness cannot exist when commercialism replaces community

Let me first squash the cries of hypocrisy by saying that I enjoy the finer things in life just as much (perhaps more) than the next person. Give me the suits, the watches, the cars… But when I decided to move to Los Angeles in May of 2017, I was willing to give all of…

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The Gentleman’s Four Step Guide To Personal Style

Having grown up just outside of the city of Boston, I have been able to humbly brag about the praises showered upon us by magazines such as GQ. Boston is frequently #1 on their lists, and who could ever be upset about that? Well…that depends on what the list is for. Boston is, repeatedly, GQ’s #1…

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10 Style Essentials Every Man Should Own

When it comes to “essentials” in men’s style, there are many different opinions on the topic. I try to mix together classic details with an edgy, modern style. To make this look happen, there are a few things that should be in your arsenal.   1. A Tie Bar. Often overlooked, a tie bar is…

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