What Confidence Looks Like (Part 1 – Men)


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There are some things that never go out of style – fast cars, good food, beautiful women, and…a man’s confidence.


Your confidence shows through everything. It speaks louder than the car you drive, the condo you live in, or the way you dress. Your confidence can open doors for you in life, and lack of confidence can close them again.

Notice I didn’t say arrogance.

The great part is, even if you’re not fully confident in yourself, if you practice the following displays of true, inner confidence, your body will begin to train your mind that you are in fact a confident person.

So, what marks the differences between a truly confident man, and one who is just trying too hard?


– A confident man will keep good posture and position himself authoritatively. Not to intimidate others, but in a naturally strong stance regardless of who is present. Chin up, shoulders back, gentlemen.

– A confident man will not always be hunched over or slouched. Lack of true confidence shows when a man subconsciously tries to make himself smaller and therefore attract less attention.

– A confident man will respect those around him. A man who is secure in himself will have no reason to disrespect others or bring them down. A man of quality has no reason to fear equality.

– A confident man will not be looking for conflicts or be generally disrespectful. This shows the need to dominate others and show his power, which is ironically a clear sign of insecurity.


– A confident man will act like he’s been there before, no matter the situation. He understands he is equal to anyone he surrounds himself with and won’t act in a subordinate manner.

– A confident man will not be nervous in new surroundings, regardless of where he is or who he is with. He will keep himself composed and effortlessly present himself with dignity and class.

– A confident man will speak slowly and with an authoritative tone. He understands what he is saying holds value and truth. You don’t rush value.

– A confident man will not speak quickly and nervously. Speaking too fast is a sign that he believes he cannot hold people’s attention and therefore must squeeze in everything he has to say as fast as possible.


– A confident man will make eye contact with those around him. He will walk with his head up and not be afraid to give a nod or a smile to a random stranger passing by.

– A confident man will not hang his head and avoid looking at others. This is a classic sign of insecurity.

– A confident man will respect women, children, and animals – and treat them with kindness. As mentioned above, there is no need for a confident man to hurt another being in any way, as he gains nothing from it.

A confident man will not be abusive (physically or emotionally) towards a woman, child, animal – or another man. Doing so shows his need to degrade others to make himself feel better.


– A confident man will always be willing to learn, because he’s not afraid to be wrong. He can admit there are always opportunities to grow and improve, without feeling lessened by it. His mind remains open.

– A confident man will not strike down new ideas because they conflict with his old ones. Fear of being wrong in order to avoid losing credibility, only shows you can’t take responsibility for yourself and your self-improvement.

– A confident man will let his actions speak for his personality. He has nothing to prove to anyone and goes about his business the only way he knows how – like an Alpha.

– A confident man will not feel the need to display or verbalize his confidence in order to get people to notice it. A man who compliments himself is craving validation from others in the form of them nodding in approval of his self-flattery.


The list is infinite. What are some signs you can think of that show a man is truly confident in himself? Comment below or tweet me at @JamesMSama!

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