Update on Margot’s progress (Part 3)

More good news to report!

As I mentioned in a previous update, Margot’s second biopsy results were one of the only tests we were waiting for to come back.

According to Dana Farber, some of the cells in her larger mass are DCIS – which basically means precancerous, and not actually cancer yet! This is, obviously, amazing news.

The cells in her lymph node that have spread are still cancerous, but there is much less malignancy than first thought.

The other test, the BRCA gene she may have had, was negative, which again, is great news.

As I write this on Tuesday 8/6/13, yesterday was her first chemo session. Last night she felt a little tired and a little stiff, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

Today we woke up and she said she felt fine…as the day progressed it moved to “great.”

The first 2-3 days after chemo treatments are said to be the worst, so we’re waiting to see how the next couple of days are, but so far so good!

Treatments are every other Wednesday now, and she will be done around Thanksgiving. Surgery shortly after, and radiation starts after the new year.

All in all, fantastic news all around – and thanks everyone for your ongoing support!



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