Quick update on Margot’s progress


For those of you who have read my previous blog post (http://bit.ly/15QUeSo) you know that my beautiful girlfriend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

She has decided to pursue treatment at Dana Farber, one of the top cancer treatment centers in the country. Over this past week, they ran multiple tests and got good results. The only results that haven’t come back are their biopsy and the test for the BRCA gene, more commonly known from Angelina Jolie’s situation.

The cancer is contained in one area and hasn’t spread anywhere else, which is fantastic news.

As of now, the plan for treatment is chemotherapy on every third Wednesday. Yes, one day every three weeks. I take this to be a very positive sign and show that they are not freaking out trying to fill her with it.

After four months of this, the operation will be performed to remove whatever is left after the chemo.

Margot is in such great spirits and is still making everyone around her smile and laugh all the time as usual. She is an inspiration and will be one to more people as her story continues.

Nobody would ever be able to tell anything different is going on in her life. I can’t even express how proud I am of her and how brave she has been through every step of this process. We are only at the beginning of the journey but I’m very confident in it going smoothly and having an even smaller impact on day to day life than we expected.

Everyone involved will emerge from this challenge stronger than ever. I will keep everyone updated as we get more information and things move along.

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4 thoughts on “Quick update on Margot’s progress

  1. “The cancer is contained in one area and hasn’t spread anywhere else, which is fantastic news.”

    This is indeed fantastic news. Thank you for the update. I’m very happy for Margot, for you, and the positive prognosis.

  2. James! I’m so glad to hear this. I’ve been sending my happiest, healthiest thoughts her way (and yours, too!).

    Thanks for the update. I look forward to hearing more good news in the future.

  3. Praying for your friend. From what understand, sugar in any form (including fruit) should be eliminated from one’s diet when battling any disease, in particular any type of cancer. Never underestimate the power of one’s diet. God Bless her, and stay strong Lisa.

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