Easy ways to tell if she’s not interested…

A serious downfall of many guys (myself included) is having spent too much time and money on women who we probably knew deep down, weren’t interested in us.

Even worse – it’s easy to come across as clingy or creepy if you’re pursuing someone who has given you clear signs she’s not interested, and then all of her friends will be hearing about it.

These are just a few clear signs to tell if you’re falling into the friend zone:

  • She takes forever to answer your texts.

It’s 2013…virtually everyone is so stuck to their smart phone that it might as well be surgically attached to their hand. Sure, people do live busy lives, but if a girl takes more than an entire day or two to send you back a text that would take 30 seconds to write, it’s a sign.

  • She always suggests hanging out in groups.

If your invitation to her is overrun by “Yeah we should all hangout sometime,” or “Let’s get a bunch of people together for drinks,” odds are she’s trying to find a way to spend time with you, but make sure it doesn’t turn into an awkward, intimate setting where she’ll have to turn you down.

  • Her body language is closed off.

One of the clearest signs of a woman’s interest, is how she carries herself around you. If her arms are usually crossed, legs crossed away from you, body slightly tilted towards someone else or away from you – these are obvious signs of disinterest. A girl who is interested in you will be clearly flirty, touching your arm, leaning into you, etc. Keep a sharp eye out.

  • She’s always talking about other guys or girls.

This one should be obvious – but if the girl you’re pursuing is always suggesting how cute the waitress is, or how you’d probably get along great with one of her friends, she’s waving the red flag in your face. On the flip side, if she’s always talking about some guy she met or a date she went on – take the hint.

From Women To Men: This Is How You Scare Us Away

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