GET UP! And get happy!


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You want to know why people never feel excited about anything anymore? MOTION CREATES EMOTION! We grow up in a culture of “don’t do this, don’t do that” — are kids jumping around because they’re excited?

Or excited because they’re jumping around? Your physiology changes the emotions your body feels, we need to GET EXCITED again, no wonder everyone is miserable, GET UP!

I mean think about it, most people out there work conventional jobs, this probably means a nice little commute SITTING in traffic in the morning, six – eight hours SITTING at work, SITTING again driving home or taking the train, and then what? Your energy has been flat lining all day, by the time you get home you don’t want to do anything except sit on the couch and melt your brain in front of the TV.

Get Up And Get Happy

Here’s the kicker — people do it EVERY DAY! When the weekend comes around, what do you want to do? RELAX?! Your brain might feel fried after your long week, and your body probably is too, because you’ve had zero adrenaline flowing through it for five days, so now you want to sit around Saturday and Sunday, which just makes things WORSE, until you get up on Monday to start the whole routine over again…when does it end?

It’s not a coincidence that people who exercise regularly are generally happier than those who don’t. Not to mention they LOOK better which also increases confidence, which increases your energy levels and motivation. If you look better in your suit or skirt, you’re more likely to OWN wherever you are with a smile and some determination.

It’s more than just exercise though; it’s creating a lifestyle around activities that won’t beat you down every day of your life. Don’t like your job? QUIT or FIND SOMETHING ELSE that will bring in money on the side, until you’re making enough to fire your boss. It’s time for this country to get off their asses and DO something! There’s too much placidity and apathy out there, and it’s a snowball effect, so it’s just getting worse.

Get Up And Get Happy

If you’re sitting behind your desk reading this and you feel like crap, now you know why. SMILE…seriously, just sit there and smile like you would if you were watching little bunnies running through fields eating cupcakes. Physiologically (is that even a word?) you will feel better because your body tells your brain how to feel, even more so than your brain telling your body.

Your actual physical biochemistry changes according to how you move your body and express yourself! That means if you ACT OR LOOK like you are HAPPY…guess what? Your brain will go: “Hey, I’m happy!” it’s not a coincidence.

Get Up And Get Happy

So fake it if you have to, you will still feel better and it will be contagious. Get UP and do something, you’ll thank me later!

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