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7 Signs You’re Giving Too Much

A healthy relationship is about give and give, not give and take. It’s not even 50/50, it’s more like 100/100. There is no “part time” relationship, you’re either in…or you’re out. But sometimes, our judgment gets clouded. We really care about the person we’re with so we’re willing to do everything for them. The difference…

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How To Make Accepting Others Easier

This is a topic a little out of the usual dating and relationship realm, but it does have to do with relationships, in general. As humans, we have a natural tendency to judge others. She has too much acne. His voice is too feminine. I won’t date someone that short. Why do you have to…

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The False Myth About Women

It’s rare that I comment on anything on Facebook unless I have strong feelings towards the sentiment. While scrolling through my newsfeed recently I came across a status update that, while not entirely surprising, grabbed my attention. It said “The fastest way to make a girl fall in love with you is to treat her…

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