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10 Essential Life Skills Every Modern Man Needs

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” — Albert Einstein What does it mean to be a man of “value,” as Einstein once put it? The answers to this question have evolved over the generations as the role(s) of men in society have changed and altered due…

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7 Red Flags of a One-Sided Relationship

Great relationships aren’t about give and take, they’re about give and give. We’ve ALL been in a relationship at one point where we put in more effort than our partner. Loved them more. Cared for them more. Gave more of ourselves…and didn’t want to admit it for far too long. Maybe we didn’t even realize…

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Real Intimacy Is 70% Emotional And 30% Physical

REAL intimacy is built through respect, trust, and love. What do you think of when you hear the word intimacy? For most, intimacy is purely physical. We understand it as a code word for something we’d rather not say in public. “Were you…*gasp*…intimate?!” Yet, by placing such focus on the physical aspects of a relationship,…

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5 Ways To Be The Man Every Woman Is Looking For

You don’t need to be the perfect man to make her happy, just be the man you said you were when you first met her. We often find ourselves overwhelmed with all of dating’s “do’s and don’ts”, but at the end of the day it’s just about finding balance and chemistry. Here are five important…

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5 Things ALL Men Should Know About Women

ALL kinds of men EVERYWHERE struggle to understand, communicate with, and appropriately interact with women. The truth is that nobody is really teaching us how to in the first place. Here are 5 things all men should know about women (backed by science). Men and women are neurologically different. “Big whoop, captain obvious!” Hear me…

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10 Meaningful Traits that Make a Real Man

What does it mean to be a “real man”? And how has the definition changed over time?

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